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Infrasonic Weapon Brought Down T.B. Joshua’s Church, Explosive Expert Claims


An expert in explosives and weapon research, Mr. Biedomo Paul Iguniwei, has insisted that the six-storey guest house belonging to the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) was fired with a high energy infrasonic weapon leading to its collapse.

Iguniwei, who tendered a research paper before the Coroner’s Court on Friday, as an addendum to his earlier deposition, maintained that the collapse of the guest house was induced by an infrasonic weapon fired at it by the aircraft that hovered over the building on the said day of the collapse.

The Coroner’s Inquest, presided over by Chief Magistrate Oyetade Komolafe, was inaugurated by the Lagos State Government under the state Coroner’s System Law No.7 of 2007 to investigate the cause and circumstances resulting in the death of 166 people following the building collapse of September 12, 2014, and bring its findings and recommendations to the appropriate authorities.

Iguniwei, a graduate of Chemistry from the University of Maiduguri, described as baseless the position of the Lagos State government, which tends to support structural defects as cause of the collapse, adding that scientific evidence coupled with the CCTV footage of the collapse building, suggest that the building collapsed due to high energy infrasound absorption.

“The Lagos State Government has been pushing the reason for the collapse to be due to foundational/structural defects, to poor construction standards used by the church engineers to construct the building, while the church has alluded the collapse to a terror attack/sabotage by explosives and controlled demolition.

“Having looked at all the reasons adduced and personally visited the scene of the collapse and analysed the video footage of the preceding moments before the collapse of the structure, it was deduced that the collapse resulted from high energy infrasound absorption by the building leading to a high energy resonance of the constituent atoms of the building.

“This is even more accurate based on the fact that all other options being put forward were eliminated scientifically, creating what appears to be a mystery (due to limited knowledge) surrounding the collapse of the building.

“The foundation failure option cannot hold scientifically because upon inspection of the foundation pads of the building, it was observed that the foundation pads are still intact with no stress or cracks on the steel and concrete pillars protruding from the earth.

“And the CCTV footage showed a collapse that is not consistent with other known buildings that have collapsed as a result of structural failure.

“As it is, it can be concluded scientifically that there were no explosives in the building when it collapsed upon the post-blast analysis done.

“It can also be true to safely say the building didn’t come down as a result of foundational/structural failure. Because its collapse was not consistent with known cases of building collapsing structurally and coupled with the fact that the foundational pillars showed no sign of stress so far, the only reasonable explanation of the cause of collapse is the use of infrasonic weapon on the building”, Iguniwei insisted.

Earlier, a witness from the Building Collapse Prevention Guild (BCPG), Engr. Oreoluwa Fadayomi, told the inquest that he has no evidence that SCOAN tampered with the beams of the collapsed building.

Fadayomi, who is the and Deputy President of the Nigerian Institute of Engineers, under cross-examination by counsel to the SCOAN, Mr. Olalekan Ojo, argued that he felt there was no need to give further instructions to the church as to ensuring that other parts of the collapsed guest house was not tampered with, due to the heavy security presence at the scene of the collapsed building.

Further hearing has been adjourned till Wednesday April 29, 2015.


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