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What an Injustice Between Adogba and Majawe


It is a prodigious PITY that Adogba (in Ibadan) is so much better supplied with electricity than Majawe (also in Ibadan, I live  at Majawe) such that  Adogba, at night, is a Brobdingnagian Bazaar where people are usually, really,contagiously dinning while Majawe could be likened to the typical Jehovah’s Witnesses’worship arena where serenity is harboured.What an injustice!

On some days there is electricity supply to Adogba twelve or more hours each day while  our “globes” do not blink at all at Majawe. This is an injustice against us.

At some nights our “globes” will only blink for a couple of hours while theirs will not blink at all. Our electricity goes into a coma. But theirs never falls into a coma. This is an injustice against us. Why treat them differently from us? Why throw us into darkness while they enjoy light? Why do we pay more for darkness? Why do you give us darkness for our money? Why? Bill-wise, they square up, so do we.

On the 28th of January,2015 (this year), for instance, the electricity was supplied to Adogba before 1am. At 3.30am, it was switched off with a view to flashing our “globes”. It went off instantly. Theirs was switched on. It was 6.45am that theirs was switched off. One would think that ours would be switched on.One was mistaken for ours was not switched on. What an injustice! There is God ooooooo.

I hereby beg our elders and betters at Majawe to look into this issue-cum-injusticeand stop it before it stops our trust in IBEDC. How does the head of the monkey look like that the head of the gorilla does not?

Kehinde Olalemi(Baba Esther),

Hope House,


Behind the Nigerian Breweries,



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