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Insecurity: Nigeria in serious crisis – Aregbesola


*Condemns Kano Bombing

Governor of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, on Sunday alerted Nigerians to the serious danger that lurks around with the ceaseless spate of bombing in parts of the country.
He said that last Friday’s bombing of the Central mosque in Kano has proved beyond reasonable doubt that the nation is in the throes of life-threatening crisis.
A statement by the Director, Bureau of Communication quoted Aregbesola as stating these at the weekly prayer session of Nasrullahi-il Fathi Society of Nigeria (NASFAT), Osogbo Branch where he joined other adherents to pray for Nigeria and Osun.
The Governor, who condemned the bombing in strong terms, said the Friday gory picture after the bombing, demonstrated clearly that the country has a serious crisis at hands.
He averred that the mosque attacks showed that the insurgency transcends narrow religious confines people, government, organisation and public analysts usually ascribe to these dastardly killings.
He argued that when a Muslim chose another fellow Muslim as target of and a Friday (Jumat) congregation to strike at him, then this has gone beyond a deliberate targeting of a particular religion by another.
He stated that no reasonable Muslim can justify attacks of Christians and Churches let alone Mosques and Muslims as a means of propagating the Islamic faith.
“The Friday bombing of Emir’s palace’s Mosque has proved ultimately and beyond any doubt that this country faces daunting challenges posed by the Boko Haram insurgents.
“Condemnable as the act is, yet it baffles one that a lot of us still deceive ourselves by reading religious colouration to this whole violence.
“I do not believe that a Muslim, who is a true Muslim, can do this to a Christian let alone a fellow Muslim hiding under the guise of promoting his religion.
“It is painful to hear that the places of worship are no longer safe places for our people.
“It indeed saddens the heart that people would go to prayer on a Friday or Sunday and there and then in the Sanctuary of God meet his death in the most grievous manner,” Aregbesola said.
According to him, what the nation needs is fervent prayers to rescue it from the clutches of Boko Haram.
He called on the people of the state to be cautious and careful in their daily activities so as to prevent the violence from spreading to the state.
He identified market places, motor parks and other places of social gathering as prime targets for heinous crimes by the insurgents, advising people to be constantly vigilant and report any suspicious movements to the security agencies.
In his remarks, the Chairman of NASFAT, Osogbo Branch, Engineer Bilyamin Ishola, said the re-election of Aregbesola in the August 9th election was a divine act.
Ishola noted that the governor’s administration is one of the best in terms of policies and programmes throughout Nigerian judging by available facts.
“There is no doubt that your government is one of the best in this country.
“Your first term is an eloquent testimony of how to run a good government that focuses on the welfare of the people.
“It is our belief that the next four years will be peaceful and fruitful than the precious four years,” the cleric said.
The governor, accompanied by the Chief of Staff, Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola, and other aides, had joined members of the popular Islamic organization to pray for Nigeria especially over problems of insecurity, worsening economic hardship and poor leadership.


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