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Is Akala Using Buhari’s Picture to ‘Sell Market’?


Is this for real Akala, is using Buhari’s picture to “sell market”? Could you ever imagine this in your wildest imagination, Otunba Alao Akala using Buhari picture to campaign on his poster? If na you nko? Would you not like to associate with success? Most people would.

Though some have called Akala, who is the Oyo State Labour Party governorship candidate all kinds of names from political prostitute, to “sharp man” or “smart” others have however, defended the politician that all through his campaign he never campaigned against the presidential candidate of the APC.

But Akala was known to have thrown his support for the PDP presidential candidate and was even quoted to have said: “Buhari cannot rule this country because he is too weak. Forget the fact that he was once a soldier. Age is not on his side to do that.”

But whatever people may say about the Ogbomoso born politician, one thing I know about Otunba Akala is that even if you happen to be his arch enemy, the moment he realizes he needs your help to achieve an end, he would not hesitate to come to you.

The end justifies the means; that is the motto.

So don’t be surprised when next Akala comes around to campaign in your area and you hear him shout Sai Akala, Sai Buhari, Change naa ni… it is all about #Change).


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