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Is Buhari the Messiah We Need?


I wish to use dis medium to advise Former President Obasanjo to stop his self-righteous attitude of the pot calling the kettle black. He has caused many setbacks to the Yoruba Nation. He now has a bounden duty to ensure dat the incoming President implements in full the Recommendations of last yrs CONFAB which to me is one of the most important gains of President Jonathan’s Rule.

All Nigerians are stakeholders in the fortunes nd misfortunes that may be the lot of the country. President Jonathan has clearly demonstrated the acme of political sagacity as an Outstanding Nigerian Statesman of no mean order who deserves a Nobel Prize.

It was a wellknown fact dat 8uhari overthrew Shagari’s govt. If not, Y did Buhari agree to be Head of the Military Govt in 1983? Dis is not a question of who overthrew who. Babangida too overthrew Buhari nd so on nd so forth. Pple may say Babangidas govt was corrupt, dats dia problem. Babangidas govt was more humane dan Buharis govt. Shld Babangida decide to vie for Nigeria’s presidency @ age of 80, I will still vote for him. Maradona Babangida was a gentleman-soldier who was much liked by pple, 4get S.A.P. 4get June 12 Election Debacle, he was better dan d SADIST Buhari. Recently, Shagari celebrated his 90th birthday, he, Buhari, was conspicuously absent or was he in Chattam den? It was his past record dat was haunting him.

*Sola Ajibola writes from the University of Ibadan


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