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Is Ibadan Becoming a Jungle City?


Walking through some strategic parts of Ibadan metropolis is now more difficult than the camel passing through the needle’s eye.

Of course, we are not camels, but humans and are supposed to know better, unfortunately however, this is not the case; camels seemed to be wiser than human beings now!

As it is now becoming increasingly difficult for pedestrians to walk along Agodi-gate road in front of Wema bank due to the activities of street traders, who now occupy nearly half of the stretch of road.

It is the same at the First Gate end of the Bola Ige International Market along New Ife road as well as the old Ife Road side of the market. Go to Mokola beside the flyover, you find the same situation, every T-junction, which Yoruba call Oritameta is a point of attraction for street traders, okada riders and the likes. (I thought the T-junction was the natural home of Yoruba god, Esu as they usually say Esu laalu onile orita)

The traders are however, having a field day as they transact business without a care in the world that they are constituting hindrance to smooth traffic flow, pedestrians walking not to talk of the danger selling on the road poses to their own lives.

Just as the traders are busy doing their thing, commercial motorcyclist otherwise known as Okada riders also take their place just as taxi and bus drivers and it would be better for the authorities to do something about this before Ibadan returns to what Thomas Hobbe’s called State of Nature where life is brutish.


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