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Isiaka Adeleke and a United Osun West District


By Olumide Lawal

The first civilian governor of Osun State, Senator Isiaka Adeleke, is a phenomenon. A rallying point for various classes of politicians in Osun State. He offers his wide shoulders for all and sundry to lean on. He has remained with his people through the thick and thin and identified with their yearnings and aspirations, offering solutions to their problems.

Senator Isiaka Adeleke, is a God-given philanthropist to humanity. His kind gestures cut across tribe, creed, religion and sex. He is for all, no wonder all are for him in Osun West District.

As we march gradually to the March 28, 2015 general election, in which Asiwaju Isiaka Adeleke is contesting for the Osun West Senatorial District ticket under the banner of All Progressive Congress, it is pertinent to state, that the amiable politician, has not left any stone unturned in his bid to coast home to a sweet victory. Since December 2014, when he won the ticket to contest, Senator Isiaka Adeleke has thrown himself seriously into the contest, traversing the length and breadth of Osun West District.

As early as 7am, Asiwaju Isiaka Adeleke was always on his feet for the daily campaigns, that has seen him on door-to-door, neighbor to neighbor campaigns to Ajagunlase, Ikire-ile; Iwo-Oke, Iwo township, Telemu, Ogbagba, Kuta, Ile-Ogbo, Ife-Odan, Ejigbo, Ikoyi, Orile- Owu, Apomu, Ikire township, Awo, Iragberi, Ara, Okinni, Aro, Ido-Osun, Offatedo, Dada Estate and various wards in Ede North and Ede South Local Government Areas. The reception has been overwhelming, even when Adeleke arrived some of these communities at late in the night. The enthusiastic supporters and well-wishers were always patiently waiting to hear him out. The charismatic and lovable Isiaka Adeleke takes his own destiny in his own hands.

What is going on for “Serubawon.” What are his magic wands?. This could be premised on his various seen and unseen positive contributions to individuals and communities, since he was elected the first executive governor of Osun State in 1992 at the young age of 35. Such were the nostaligic recollections of a large number of people in Osun West District of Otunba Isiaka Adeleke to their well being. They are true testimonies, coming from these electorate, twenty-two years after Adeleke left office as a governor.

One good turn deserves another stance is now at play. Isiaka Adeleke is now reaping bountifully from his past philanthropic gestures, most of which, he has even forgotten. It is a payback day for Senator Adeleke by Osun West Senatorial District people, who have resolved to give him the highest number of votes at the senatorial election, as a demonstration of their appreciation of him.

This is one of Senator Isiaka Adeleke moments of glory in his political career. The campaign tours of the colorful politician, that Adeleke is, reminds one of his great exploits between 1990 and 1992, when at the relatively young age of 35yrs, he ‘locked’ horns with the evergreen politicians in the old Oyo State and proved his mettle. Just as it is now and in the past, God has always been his unfailing helper, even when he walked through the valleys of shadow of death in a few instances in his political corner. The April 4 2014, ugly incident at an hotel in Osogbo suffices. Senator Isiaka Adeleke is a proverbial cat with nine lives.

As we inch closer to March 28, 2015 senatorial election, it is important for the members of All Progressive Congress in Osun West Senatorial District to close ranks and work in unison, to enable all its candidates, Adeleke inclusive, win hands down. It is by so doing, that it will be seen, that a few of them, that are disenchanted, justly and unjustly has put whatever grievances they have concerning the December, 2014 APC primaries behind them. To do otherwise, tantamounts to party disloyalty and selfish interest, even at a time, when members of other political parties are already identifying seriously with Adeleke aspiration..

Some of these aggrieved few, should learn a lesson from Senator Isiaka Adeleke, who after he lost the 2011 senatorial election to Senator Mudasiru Hussein, under twenty-four hours magnanimously, wrote a letter of congratulation to Senator Hussein, and went ahead a few days after, to distribute all manners of welfare materials to the people of the ten local government areas in Osun West District, as dividends of democracy. A situation, that took many by surprise. That is vintage Senator Isiaka Adeleke for you. A politician with large heart.

As a politician, who lives up to his avowed promises, the good people of Osun West District, should be rest assured, that Senator Isiaka Adeleke, will not deny them whatever, that are due to them as dividends of democracy. Even outside office in the past four years, he has offered various forms of assistance to countless numbers of people beyond the senatorial district. No wonder, an automobile spare parts seller at Ajegunle, Osogbo, Alhaji Lateef Owoseni, wished he could cross over from Osun Central District to Osun West to repay Isiaka Adelele kind gesture to many of them in the market, that benefits from his largesse at the first approach, only giving them the benefits of doubt of their requests. That is populist Isiaka Adeleke in the eyes of the people. He represents the rare breed of politicians, that are committed to public services and societal goods.

There is no doubting the fact, that Senator Isiaka Adeleke tenure in the forthcoming. Senate will bring accelerated development to the good people of Osun West District, as he is determined to complement the efforts of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, in making life more abundant for his people. Adeleke has the wherewithal, the robust connections and far-reacting monumental goodwill to fall back upon, to help his people of Osun West District, in areas of youth empowerment, cottage industry, skill acquisition, petty trading and vocational training.

Already his dynasty’s  ADELEKE UNIVERSITY, is a channel of easing unemployment situation in Osun West District. It is the resolve of Senator Isiaka Adeleke, that a particular quota for employment of various categories of people, should be reserved for citizens of Osun West District, which is the catchment areas of the university. This will be in addition to agararian factories, that Senator Adeleke is planning to set up in the three federal constituencies, that made up Osun West District, with a view to stopping rural-urban drift among the youth.

What’s more! A classic ISIAKA ADELEKE FOUNDATION, to take care of the widows, the aged and the physically disadvantaged people in Osun West District is in the pipeline. It will take off modestly and expands, to accommodate more interest groups. Senator Isiaka Adeleke philosophy, is that “give much to life, ask for little”. No wonder with smile, he always, throw the gates of his Ede Country Home to everybody to come in and drink and eat from his large pot of philantrophy. He is never tired of his people, whom he even allow to his bedroom and kitchen without hindrance, even when this writer, complained that his bedroom is the height of his privacy. His words “Alhaji Olumide, I have no skeleton in my cupboard. They are our people. My entire life, including my bedroom belongs to them. Let us leave them  O Jare”. I concurred. End of discussion on the matter.

Senator Isiaka Adeleke is asking the people of Osun West District to support him. Let them give him their fullest support, and they will never regret doing so.


Let us prepare to roll out the drums on the night of March 28, to celebrate Senator Isiaka Adeleke landslide victory to the glory of God. Welcome back to the red chamber as a returning Senator, whom higher responsibilities await.

Olumide Lawal

Special Adviser on Media & Public Affairs to Senator Isiaka Adeleke

Ede, Osun State.


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