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How Islam Influenced My Music – Asa Reveals


Soulful singer, Bukola Elemide popularly called Asa has revealed that her time spent as a Muslim played a very important role in her music.

The singer is currently on an European tour for her album, ‘Bed of Stone’, visiting major cities on the continent.

In a chat with My Africa Podcast, Asa, told show host, Andre Blaze, about her inspirational background, revealing how much time she spent following the teachings of Islam.

“I come from a Muslim background, and I actually had a stint with Islam. I was a Muslim for about 2 years or 3,” Asa said.

“It was after high school I lived with my grandparents. My grandparents were Muslims from Lagos Island, and yes it did influence the way I see things and the way I write.”

Asa went on to emphasise the inspiration she received, crediting Islam as the major factor behind her song ‘Awé’, a single from her hugely successful self-titled debut album, ‘Asa’.

“It influenced the song ‘Awé’. You see just near where I used to live, there was a mosque, and we had a munedžim, who calls out to prayers.

“He would early morning by 5 O’clock, ‘Allaaaah’. That was amazing, It just inspired ‘Away’, so yeah, Islam, Christianity is always going to be part of my history.

Source: Magbedu Blog


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