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Jonathan, Buhari: Head to Head


Name:                                 Goodluck Jonathan

Party:                                  PDP

Method of Emergence as Candidate:                 Through Adoption as a sole candidate.

Date of Birth:                 November 20, 1957 (57)

Hometown:                   Otuoke, Bayelsa State

Educational Attainment:   Masters Degree and PhD in Zoology



Political Experience:

Deputy Governor, Governor, Presidential Running mate, Acting President, President.


2011 Election:  Jonathan Defeated General Buhari. He polled 22,495, 187 or 58.89 percent of the votes while Buhari polled 12, 214, 853 or 31. 98 percent.


Programmes:  In his acceptance speech, he promised to continue with his transformation agenda and fight corruption.




*Jonathan has incumbency power on his side and also has majority of governors who are the power brokers in their respective state.

*He has recorded a few accomplishments with his Transformation Agenda, which perhaps is why he is betting heavily on it.

*The PDP remains the biggest party in the country and because the party is controlling the Federal government, money wont be his problem at all.




*He is seen as feckless in the fight against Boko Haram insurgents. The state of emergency he slammed on the three states in the North-east ravaged by Boko Haram could not even stem the insurgency.

*He is also perceived as not doing much to fight corruption in the country, which may haunt him in some quarters.

*His erstwhile political godfather, President Olusegun Obasanjo, who recently in his controversial book “ My Watch” excoriated him and labelled him a weak president may work against him at the poll. 


Name:                     Muhammadu Buhari

Party:                      APC


Method of Emergence as Candidate:         Through Competitive Primaries


Date of Birth: December 17, 1942 (72)


Hometown: Daura, Katsina State


Educational Attainment: Graduated from Middle School; Enlisted in the Nigerian Army in 1962.


Political Experience:


Buhari: Petroleum Minister, First Chairman of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. Head of State, Chairman Petroleum Trust Fund


2011 Election:  Buhari polled 12, 214, 853 or 31. 98 percent.




Buhari: In his acceptance speech, Buhari promised to stamp out corruption by strenghtning the nation’s anti-corruption watchdog, EFCC.






*He is widely believed to be one of the few politicians in the country with zero tolerance for corruption, which his candidature is believed to be hinged on.

* Buhari has a cult following in the North. In the 2011 election, he won 12 states in the North and these states are said to be still solid in their support for him.  He’s widely belied to have the northern votes in the bag. And with the support of APC National Leader Asiwaju Bola Tinubu who helped him to win the party’s ticket, he may do very well in the South-west.

*The way and manner the APC emerged out of its primaries, which was largely peaceful with the other three contenders accepting defeat, is expected to rub off on his candidature.




*Buhari is still perceived as an Islamic fundamentalist. His concerted efforts at dismissing that notion about him has yielded little positive results.

*His political platform, APC, seems to be weak in the South-south and South-east and how Buhari would galvanise support in the two zones is yet to be seen.

*Also, the insurgency ravaging the North-east, which are among APC strongholds, may rub off on his electoral chances as it is not yet clear if Yobe and Borno, the epic centre of Boko Haram insurgency, will participate fully in the election.


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