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*Jonathan vsBuhari: Roforofo Fight on Social Media * Did Nigeria Media Overhype Fashola’s Achievements? *HIV Cases Rise in Oyo…


Jonathan vsBuhari: Roforofo Fight on Social Media

There is an ongoing dirty ‘fight’ on the social media between followers and loyalists of incumbent President, Goodluck Jonathan and APC presidential hopeful, Gen. MuhammaduBuhari.

This confrontation is so hot that every news item that relates to either of these two men usually elicit very strong exchange, more like a war of words between their supporters.

Some have said the APC started it, but it is as if the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has also risen to the challenge by recruiting online ‘bulldogs’ to launch vicious attacks on anything close to APC or Buhari. Some would perhaps, say its fire for fire.

Without fear of being tagged a tribalist, one has also observed with dismay that the GoodluckEbele Jonathan (GEJ) ‘attack dogs’ consists mostly of people from a section of the country, where they can do anything for money just as the APC or Buhari people too are mostly Northerners.

Even MallamNasir El-Rufai is also not helping matters on Twitter, where to him, anything GEJ is a prey to be attacked.

And when you read the comments expressed in these social media circles, how caustic they are and the degree of hate contained in them, you cannot but wonder where these souls are from, probably Hades.

May be afterall, some of us might need to reconsider our opposition to regulating the use of the social media in the country because as it is now, the whole new media space is contaminated.


Did Nigeria Media Overhype Fashola’s Achievements?

Elections are around the corner and politicians are up to their game again.

Some people have suddenly realised Governor BabatundeRajiFashola’s achievements were overhyped by the media.

Isn’t that shocking?

I recall some years before Fashola became governor how in broad daylight, under an afternoon sun, a woman’s bag was snatched from her right there in then Oshodi Market and how the crooks were passing the bag to one another.

I stood there watching the movie-like incident. The woman was screaming ‘my bag, my bag, thief, thief’. Nobody cared, everyone in the market just carried on with their business as if nothing happened.

It was Fashola who cleared the notorious Oshodi after the military government and politicians before him couldn’t muster the courage to do so.

But now, people say its media hype. O yee people of little memory and forgetfulness, was it not this Fashola that governors from North, South, East and West came to visit to tap from his wisdom?

Haba! Fair is fair. Was it not this same governor that notable world leaders have come to assess his performance and given him a pass mark?

Saying Fashola’s achievements were overhyped is being ungrateful for the service this man rendered to the people.

But, one fact remains, in every situation and when all else crumbles, truth remains.

And that is the consolation for the faithful!



HIV Cases Rise in Oyo…

The recent revelation that Oyo State now has the highest HIV prevalence in the South-west is startling and quite worrisome.

According to the information, six out of every 100 people have the virus that causes AIDS, and the reason for the increase is complacency.

Too bad that we let down our guard as the prevalence ratio used to be about two persons in every 100.

But, this is no time for blame games. What is required is a concerted effort to sensitize and educate the populace more than ever before.

Without being dubbed an homosexual, I would also say the outright ban on gay marriage can only do damage to the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Am I sounding like a gay activist? Not really, I am straight, but I will deal with this issue on this page next week, watch out for that.

In the meantime, we need to change our attitude towards sex for the effort to tame and control the spread of the virus to be successful.



As refuse takes over Ibadan again

Since LowoObisesan left Oyo State Ministry of Environment and Habitat and Governor AbiolaAjimobi caught the second term ‘fever,’ which led to a drop in the effort towards a much cleaner city, everything just went cold dead.

The man, who took over from Obisesan (can’t even recall his name since he seems not to be up to the task) is nowhere to be found or may be he is living in Mars.

Otherwise, how does one explain the heap and pile of refuse dumped in the middle of most highways in the city, where it spends days on end before they are evacuated.

After residents pack their refuse to the roads for the refuse trucks to move them away, these wastes litter the streets as the trucks are nowhere to be found.

So, let officials of the Ministry of Environment and Habitat and its agency, Oyo State Solid Waste Management Agency wake up to their responsibilities before we have an epidemic on our hands.


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