The Holy Books say, “Do unto others as you have them do unto you.” It’s a timeless universal law known as The Golden Rule. Seneca says, “Other men’s sins are before our eyes; our own are behind our backs.” When paraphrased it means we’re not conscious of when or where we hurt others but cry ‘abomination!’ when others hurt us. This is so because we don’t usually know how others are feeling per time but we’re conscious of our personal feelings.

Shoes come in diverse shapes and sizes, different colours and shade, various classes and prices. The occasion determines the type of shoes to be worn. Hence shoes meant for factory workers are different from those used by sports men and women. Those used in offices are different from those worn by security men and so on.

Some shoes are made for a particular gender while unisex shoes are actually for both. Wedges, heels, pumps are exclusively for females while loafers, moccasin, trekkers, sneakers; espadrilles are more common with men.

As shoes types are diverse and endless so are the situations of humankind in life. So literally speaking until we put our legs in the shoes of others we may not know exactly how they think, feel, acted or reacted in a given situation. Nonetheless, it’s very easy for us to point accusing fingers at others but wouldn’t want similar treatment in our own case.

We all have worn tight and over-sized shoes. The tight ones are demons for they give our toes 120 injections in 60 seconds yet we manage to pretend as if all is well. To the optimist and hopeful things will always be well. Remember the blockbuster ‘Three Idiots’ all is always well. Yes ‘all is well’ by extension, there will always be light at the end of the tunnel.

The tight shoes hurt like hot coal yet we pretend because we don’t want our friends to make jest of us particularly if those shoes were meant for very special occasions like Christmas or Eid-El-Kabir. But what we don’t know is that some people know that our shoes hurt but made no fuss about it. They knew we were in pains but had no idea of the severity.

The oversized-shoes tell the world that though the shoes are smaller than us, they’re actually bigger than us and our legs are nowhere to be found because they’re like a baby-mosquito in a four-poster-bed resting, waiting and praying for granny to come to bed early so she could taste her first blood-meal. Sometimes those shoes were shipped to us with no bills paid because they actually belonged to our older siblings!


Doyin visited a department store to reunite with her college friend; she met Toyin, a 16-year-old attendant and decided to wait for her friend. Kanyin, the retail-store owner next door, out of concern asked Toyin what the woman (Doyin) wanted and Doyin took offence. She looked at Kanyin with cold, disdainful eyes. The terrible look says, “What’s your business, Amebo?”

Hours later Doyin got home and met her neighbour, Foyin asking a lady, Moyin who she wanted to see. Moyin looked at her with ‘Mind your business’ eyes but managed to voice out, “I’m the new teacher of Femi (Doyin’s son). Doyin heard their conversation and smiled. “Thank you, Foyin for being security-conscious. That’s my son’s new teacher,” she’d said.

Humans view events and situations from their own perspectives and label one person ‘bad’ the other ‘good’ on the basis of their personal interests. The follower today says, “Our leaders are horrible,” if he becomes a leader tomorrow, he would say, “The followers are terrible.” Humans, are very interesting beings!

An Arsenal fan (Up Gunners!) was accusing Samir Nasri for switching over to Man City meanwhile he was busy preparing for an interview because he wanted to switch over from ‘Oasis Bank’ to ‘Greenlife Bank’ for better remuneration. Chewing stick accusing toothbrush of flirting with teeth!

A senior executive alighted from his official car after his driver had opened his door for him; he was chatting on phone with a business partner. He said, “Barack Obama, the White House numero uno carries his briefcase by himself; David Cameron often stand in public trains, that can never happen in Nigeria for we’re too power-drunk and crude. If the daughter of a sitting governor visits a spa all the clients must vacate immediately for her to enjoy uninterrupted luxury-service.”

Meanwhile, this executive had never carried his briefcase by himself, in fact, the day his driver complained of fever and decided to rest his head on the steering wheel after arriving at the office complex, he shouted at him to get his briefcase and open his door.” Pot dey call kettle black!

Why hasn’t the rivalry, bad blood between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law ended all these years? Yes the daughters-in-law of today would replicate what their mothers-in-law did to them when they become mothers-in-law as well.

Jide Ambali AKA ‘Owambe’ shouted at a commercial cab driver (after one minute of stoppage) for wasting his time because he parked at the bus stop and was calling out to passengers to come board his vehicle. He was on his way to the house of a transport magnate, Chief Arowojobe Owonikoko.

The next day he became a cab driver. He’d one passenger on board so he parked at the bus stop and was shouting ‘Olorunsogo! Olorunsogo!’ the passenger voiced out his anger after five minutes. Owambe took offence, evaporated and came down as rain of abuses on the passenger. “You’re an enemy of progress, if not you won’t expect me to transport you alone to Olorunsogo!” he thundered.

Musa always make jest of his teacher, Mallam Abubakar because Abubakar was suffering from lisp, a speech defect. Meanwhile Musa’s father, Usman a semi-literate misfired grammatically on national TV while narrating to reporters, a robbery incident he witnessed. The information went viral and everybody in the neighbourhood began to make jest of his father.
Musa took offence and attacked his neighbour and best friend, Danladi with stones. At another time he attacked a young girl, Hadiza with stick perhaps he mistook her for cobra.
It’s amusing when something negative is happening to others but depressing when it’s happening to us.
You went very early to school for lectures; while in class you used books to reserve seats for your friends who were busy sleeping in their rooms. So students who came earlier than your friends were forced to the back seats while some left in frustration. Your friends came later and sat at the front seats. You do this regularly yet you abuse and accuse those in leadership positions of nepotism, cronyism. The case of tea saying, “I’m a saint but coffee is a sinner because it contains caffeine!”
You engage in idle talk, party with gossips, busybodies and courier tales, unconfirmed tales around because it’s that of others yet you don’t want them to do same with you. You heard one version of a story and jump to conclusion without hearing the other party yet if it’s your case you’d want people to listen to you and consider your petitions.
I’m not perfect and never claim to be but I try to be better-off than I was the previous day. Before I grant my pen the sabbatical she’s been asking for, remember before you say or do anything to others put yourself in the place of the other person and ask, “If I were this person would I honestly accommodate, appreciate or like what I’m about to say or do to him or her?”
Cheers, please keep a date with me next week!

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