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Kogi APC Youth Group Kicks Against Imposition of Anointed Candidate, Warns Party Leaders

By Wale Ibrahim, Lokoja

Uneasy calm may have enveloped  the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kogi State over alleged imposition of candidates, as party primary election to elect the  standard bearer of the party for next year general election gathers momentum.

At a press conference in Lokoja , the concerned party members under the eagies of Youth for Better Kogi (YBK), the spokesperson, one Yaqub Jimoh said the national working committee of the APC should wade into the brewing news of anointed candidates, which is already fanning ember of distinguishing the party, after party primary election exercise.

The group lamented the  situation where an influential party members and key figures in the present government are campaigning openly for  particular candidates in the social media, will not augur well for the Principle  of free and fairs, as entrenched in the party constitution in respect of the forthcoming party primary election.

Jimoh explained that some highly respected leaders of the party are expected to be neutral because of their status and sensitive position they are occupying in the government and in the party have been drumming support openly, especially in the social media for certain aspirants, at the detriment of others.

He noted that the group respect the right of such leaders to vote for their candidates in such an election, as demanded by the party constitution, saying that using their status to openly campaigns for some aspirants can be misconstrued to mean a position of government or party has been defined, to the detriment of others.

The Youth group of the party maintain that since the government has earlier debunked such erroneous impression of having anointed candidates, making round then,  in an enlarged stakeholders and aspirants meeting to that effect, where a level playing ground was assured for all, it beats the imagination of many for such stand to crop up again, to cause confusion, within the party.

“We believe  fifth columnists or moles or their Agents are at it, to cause disaffection in the party. The alleged campaigns, using account of these influential people in the government  or Party to curry favour for particular candidates, remains a brain wave of mischief makers in their attempt to malign the name of these highly respected leaders.

“We implored the National and state APC leaders to as a matter of urgency intervene over this twist of event, seems to have been orchestrated by the enemies of the party, using names of revered chieftains of the party or those in government to perpetrate their nefarious act to destroy the party from within.

“It’s of good note that the state APC and the state government under the leadership of our indefatigable and resilient leader,  governor,  Alhaji Yahaya Bello has doused this impression earlier in a meeting with aspirants and stakeholders recently, and charged all that want to contest under the platform of our party to go ahead,  as the party,  state government has no anointed candidates”, the group expressed.

Comrade Jimoh  said the youth group placed  in the leadership in state, national and governor Yahaya Bello in the high esteem for being a man of his words therefore appealed to them to nip this on-going open campaign for particular aspirants in the bud to avoid counter productive and unnecessary wrangling in the party; saying that the utmost aim of any aspirant or members is to see that the party remains whole and clinch victory at the polls.


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