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Kogi Assembly Says Allegation of Plans to Impeach Deputy Governor is Untrue


By Wale Ibrahim, Lokoja

Following the alleged rumour making the round Contrary that plans are under way to impeach the Deputy Governor of Kogi State, Elder Simon Achuba, the Kogi State House of Assembly has said that it is not true.

There has been speculations that there was a frosty relationship between the Deputy and his boss, the State Governor Alhaji Yahaya Bello in the recent times

It was alleged  Elder Chief Simon Achuba  having a running battle with the governor with efforts by traditional rulers, some prominent political stakeholders in the ruling party in the state to save him failing to yield result.

The Deputy Governor since his alleged offence against his boss has been out of official circulation since the beginning of the year, with his salary, that of his wife, his impress, light and water supply to his office allegedly stopped and disconnected.

According to some sources, the Kogi Deputy Governor is currently under pressure to resign from the present cabinet.

While it was alleged that he has not received his salaries since February 2018 and House of Assembly was plan to

While reacting to the insinuations  shortly after on  Thursdays plenary in Lokoja, the Kogi State House of Assembly Chief Whip Honourable Victor Adewale Omofaye  described the speculation as unfounded and shocking.

The lawmaker representing Ijumu Constituency noted  that the alleged rumours to impeach the  State Deputy Governor was born out of  the disruption of Tuesday sitting by one of it members emphasized that, the internal wrangling that ensued between members which led to the untimely termination of the house proceeding was purely legislative business.

Omofaye maintained that, the house was actually deliberating on a bill for a law to provide for the management of funds of Kogi State House of Assembly and for related matters, 2018 which did not go down with some members who think they where not carried along  before the bill was put under debate before the sixth Assembly.

According to him, “It came to the notice of the house that there are speculation making the round on what happened some days back in the Kogi State House of Assembly. Precisely we are aware of a publication by some news media that the house is carrying out some impeachment process against the State Deputy governor Elder Simon Achuba.

“To us,  it is coming as a shock. There have never been anything like that. We want to set the record straight that,  there have never been anything like that and it is a mere rumor which should be discarded by the general public.

“What actually happened on the floor of the house that day,  is nothing but part of legislative exercise. In a situation whereby you have 25 who is trying to have an input in an issue, there is bound to be rancour and misunderstanding.  At the end of the day, the issue has been resolved. The issue specifically emanated from a bill in the house and house nothing to do with the impeachment of the house.

“We still have to find out from our information committee of the house what led to the report by some media houses that we want to impeach the deputy governor. If they could have a substantial backup,  the house will take a legal action against those spreading the fake news.  To us in the house, it is not true and it is a way of tarnishing the image of the Assembly.”.

He however explained what actually happened on that legislative day.  “On that day which happens to be Tuesday 30th October 2018, a member came in,  and he felt that the bill we where about to take should be well scrutinized before it is being taken on the floor of the house. And that is what actually happened. The  bill is for a law to provide for the management of funds of Kogi State House of Assembly and for related matters, 2018.

” When the member came in,  he thought may be we are on the bill already. And having his own contribution in mind, he think his own contribution should also be aired. There was no fracas.  And that was why we immediately resolve to the executive section to clear the air.  We have put it behind us and the house has continued with its legislative business,” he added.

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