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Kogi PDP Tackles Gov. Bello Over Paris Club Fund, Says He Account for the Monies


By Wale Ibrahim, Lokoja

The People Democratic Party (PDP) Kogi State Chapter has predicted that Governor Yahaya Bello will face jail term after his tenure as Kogi State  Governor if he fails to give account for all he money he collected on behalf of the people in the confluence state.

Governor Yahaya Bello

The State Publicity Secretary of PDP, Mr Bode Ogunmola  stated this during an interview with newsmen in Lokoja

Ogunmola who was reacting to the statement credited to governor Bello that he borrowed N10billion to pay outstanding salaries owed to workers express worries on the consequences of this on the future of the confluence State.

“For anybody to say they have borrowed N10billion when the time come he should show us the book. Is as simple as that. By the grace of God whenever we get to the bridge all of us will be alive to witness it. When he fails to give account on all the the money borrowed on behalf of the people of Kogi State, then he will face the consequences

“But I can assure you that somebody will go to prison for this because one day immunity will no longer be there and he will be called to account for his sins in the past,”he stated

He called on President Muhammdu Buhari not s come 2019, saying that the President not to be deceived by the political antics of Governor Yahaya Bello as  he has lost his political ground in Kogi State.

According to him, “this are very critical and terrible time in the lives of this country especially that of Kogi State. As I talk to you now we are buying petrol in Lokoja for N230 per litre. In Benue State,  herdsmen are killing here and there. In the North East,  Boko Haram are striking and nothing is done to address the situation.

“In River State,  people are dying.  Is that the proper time for the governor to be talking who will vote more for the President in 2019. I think we are in a critical situation and that this country needs alot of prayers and that we should stop playing politics with the lives of our people.

“How can governor Bello convince Kogites to vote for Buhari in 2019 when their is hardship everywhere? He should stop deceiving the president just because he is looking for cheap political favour.

“Bello knows himself that in his country home which is the central part of the State, he can’t deliver for Buhari. Workers are dying due to lack of payment of salary.

“As  it is today,  pensioners are crying because of lack of payment of entitlement . And the governor will go to Abuja and begin to tell the world who will vote more for the president. As far as we are concern,  during election time, we will know who is on ground.

“Governing with mouth is very easy, but translating it into practical terms becomes difficult. Governor Bello knows that he is not on ground politically. He knows that the people of Kogi State are not with him. He knows that he has offended the Civil Servants. He knows pensioners are causing him.”

In a swift reaction, the Director General on Media and Publicity ,Kingsely Fanwo stated that  Transparent people don’t go to jail,stressing that  only those who shared the SMSE Loans meant to empower women and youth are candidates of jails.

Fanwo pointed out that the administration of Alh. Yahaya Bello has displayed glowing transparency and cherubic financial probity since inception.

“Financial bumps are erected in the financial management system in the state to ensure compliance with global best practices.

“Where were the PDP leaders when we published what we have received and how we have judiciously used our incomes? Has PDP explained why it stole the commonwealth of the Kogi people? Have they explained to us why they took loans and stole the bulk of them while expending the rest on non-productive projects that are abandoned across Abuja and Kogi State?

“PDP’s desperation to taint the image of the Governor is borne out of their dream of stopping ongoing efforts at recovering what they looted from our coffers. On the position of PDP on the re-election chances of Buhari in Kogi State, they need to go back to the political mirror to check their state.

“Governor Yahaya Bello is immensely popular across the state and that was showcased during the recently held solidarity rallies across the state. I sympathize with PDP. They were shocked by the show of support.

“It is important for the dying horse to continue to kick. PDP will go into final oblivion in 2019 in Kogi State”, He stressed.

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