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Kwara @50: What Kwarans Say About State’s Growth, Development

As Kwara State celebrates its 50 years of existence as a state this May 2017, the state’s WESTERN POST CORRESPONDENT MOSUNMOLA AYOBAMI went  out on the streets of the capital, Ilorin to speak with some residents of the state on the growth and development of the state in the last 50 years. She seeks their views on Kwara at 50….

Olajide Fashikun
We’re Getting More ‎Backward, Says Veteran Sports, Olajide Fashikun
Kwara cannot be compared to its peers created the same time. We are regressively backward. This is a mathematical function of lack of leadership and this will not abate soon. In terms of human capital and other developmental landmarks, we have been jaundiced. Let’s take sports as an instance, we should be able to use sports to create about 750,000 jobs but where are we? Government has for long been mouthing building sports facilities. We had a summit, but you may ask:where are the implementation timelines?
The quality of human resources in government is abysmal and low compared to what exists in the state.  You must be a slave of the Sarakis to be anything in Kwara.  Sad indeed.
I cannot wish the people anything on this occasion. We have nothing but mediocrity and political propaganda to celebrate. We have the worst roads;  poverty is now a leading businessman in our state. Our people’s confidence has been bruised, families are disjointed.
May God increase and bless the leadership of our state with the same quality of life and love they give our people. They will be honoured by the same quality of passion they give the people. Amen.
Lanre Abdul
Kwara Far from What it Should Be- Legal Practitioner Lanre Abdul
Kwara so far is not where we should be, going by the year the state was created. No good roads, no pipe borne water despite the huge amount spent on water reticulation by the state government and Federal Government intervention on our dams. The infrastructure is nothing to write home about and the structures in the state-owned schools and higher institutions of learning is not encouraging save for KWASU.
‎Political Stability, Improved Infrastructure, Worthy to Celebrate- Politics Lecturer, Prof. Hassan Saliu
That is a tough question to ask in the sense that you asked me to access development of the state in the last fifty years but I say,like every other states in Nigeria created in 1967, Kwara has reason to celebrate of course we may not have been where we suppose to be but certainly we have never been static and we are accessing the life of a state not an individual so I will say so far so good we are to celebrate what we have achieved and prepare our mind for what we want to achieved, i will say kudos to government for keeping Kwara together at least we have political stability and we have beginning to see improvement in the infrastructural class of the state and government is trying to diversify the economy so I will say there still things to celebrate.
Abel Adewumi
Five State-owned Higher Institutions Commendable- Retired School Principal, Abel Adewumi
Glory be to God for the 50 years of peaceful existence of Kwara State. The state, at creation, was in 8 LGAs and in the wisdom of her first military governor development was spread evenly: each LGA was given one government secondary school,  one general hospital, one LGA Council Secretariat, etc. Employment into the civil service was done according to laid down civil service rules and regulations and due process was followed. Today, we have come along way. The state annual budget has gone from hundreds of thousands then to trillions nowadays. Much as the state budget has grown in geometric proportion scholarship for students in tertiary institutions have nosedived. It is commendable that the state now boasts of a state university,  a polytechnic, three colleges of education, hundreds of primary and post primary schools. The industrial and agricultural sectors need more serious attention. Except in education, the gap in the development of present Kwara State and the other 11 states created along with it 50 years ago is yawning. The state has been split into Kwara and Kogi States with a third part annexed to Niger State and we now have 16 LGAs , most of them struggling to pay workers’ salary. God bless the State of Harmony at 50!!!
Oyin Zubair
Why is Kwara Bi-water Project Jettisoned? Veteran Journalist, Oyin Zubair Asks
 It is not an easy task to access the 50 years of existence of Kwara State. This is because of frequent change of administration with changing policies. Kwara State is a child of circumstance having been created with diverse ethnic groups. At a point it was Kwara State with Barubas including New Bussa, the entire Ebira, Okuns, Oworos, Igalas of present Kogi state, Ilorins of different cultural backgrounds, Ibolo, Ekiti and Igbomina people who all professed being Yorubas. We also have the Nupes. So Kwara State was from inception a miniature of Nigeria. Undoubtedly the taste or ways of life of these people varies. It was under the arrangement that the first military Governor, Col. Bamigboye administered the state for nine years. Fortunately in those days there used to be Development Plans by states. The period ranges between 3-5 years. Col Bamigboye’s regime made a lot of progress by way of proving infrastructures. We had the Kwara State College of Technology which was meant to be upgraded to a University status. Various water works and road equipment among others. The state then has one of the best civil service that plan and coordinates the affairs of the government. Col Innih regime came and built on those infrastructures. It ranks among the best.
As earlier stated it is not easy to expressly give an opinion on the development and growth of Kwara State especially from the advent of partisan politics. The Adamu Atta administration had a bite of planned efforts- I mean development plans. Subsequent administrations only acted according to the wishes and dictates of their leaders. This resulted to non continuity or engagements on irrelevant projects that have little or no bearings to improving the lives of the people especially the rural populace.  For instance I kept imagine why the Bi-Water Project which attempted to provide portable water to all corners of the then larger Kwara State was jettisoned. Why should Ilorin be suffering from adequate water supply? All hope may not be lost. I can see hope in the 2017 budget.

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