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Kwara, Ondo OPC Coordinators Call for Gani Adams’ Resignation


By Mosunmola Ayobami,Ilorin

The Kwara and Ondo State Coordinators of Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) on Sunday asked their National Coordinator, Otunba Gani Adams, to resign from office.

The Coordinators, Rotimi Akinsowon and Marauf Salami Olanrewaju, said this in  Ilorin, the state capital, during a meeting of members of the group.

Members in their hundreds of thousands besieged the Kuntu area of Ilorin West local government areas of the state capital, Ilorin calling for resignation of Gani Adams.

gani adams

Olanrewaju said: “The struggle is that Gani Adams must resign from being the National Coordinator of OPC. There is no alternative to that because he has caused a lot of irrepairable havoc to OPC and if we fail to push him out of the system today, history will not forgive us tomorrow”.

He alleged that Gani Adams used the OPC to catapult himself from obscurity to popularity. “Gani Adams uses the cerebration of Ori-Olokun, Oya and other festivals to promote himself,” adding that he headed OPC for 17 years but the group cannot boast of anything as he has cornered all.

“OPC has no account, he is the alpha and omega; he is the pencil and eraser for good 17 years. Enough is enough. We don’t  want the group to be factionalised. That happened during the factionalization of OPC along Fredrick Fasheun and Gani Adams lines. A lot of lives were lost and property worth millions of Naira were destroyed, we don’t want such an ugly situation to repeat itself again. We all know that he believes in violence but we do not want any violence in Yorubaland this time round; that is why we are taking all peaceful steps to push him out of office.

“That is why we are appealing to our members not to engage in any confrontation with those who still believe in him. We have not picked anybody now to lead the organisation until Gani Adams steps down from office.” he said.

Akinsowon added that: “Our petition against our former boss, Otunba Gani Adams, to EFCC on the huge sum of money he allegedly received from the late Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi and ex-Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan on behalf of OPC is still being investigated.

“I am confident that in no distance time, EFCC will invite Gani Adams for interrogation. We are insisting on his probe because he collected the money in the name of OPC.

“Gani Adams does not have any integrity, nobody knows who Gani Adams was before. It was OPC that threw up the name and brought him to limelight and we who used to be his supporters and followers make up the OPC.

“I urge all our followers not to engage in bloody brawls with those ones still bent on allowing Gani Adams to lead them. All we are saying is that Gani Adams must resign his headship of OPC.” he added.


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