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Lagos Abandoned Building Turns Robbers’ Den


Security File with Enani Benson


Mr. Bamidele Adeola (29 years) who works in a bank at TBS was attacked by robbers at about 8 pm last week when he was going to take a BRT Bus. His phones were forcibly taken from him, while his wallet containing N5, 800 was also seized by the night marauders.

This was also the case with a lady simply called Esther, a caterer, who was almost raped as she was going to the bank nearby to take some money with her ATM Card.

“I thought they were soldiers and at first I felt safe. But suddenly they attacked me! I had to run to the Island Maternity Hospital,” the lady said.

There are fears that some abandoned buildings in Lagos Island and Ikoyi area of Lagos State have been taken over by criminals, bouncers, homosexuals and prostitutes, thus threatening the security of the state.

The 25-storey Independence Building at Tafawa Balewa Square has turned into a den for all manners of criminals, who daily rob people with guns at night.

The Nitel Building along Marina area of Lagos State is also a black spot for criminals. It is surprising that the building close to Lagos House also along Marina should be taken over by criminals, as it is not far from the Governor’s residence.

The BRT Bus-Stop at the IBS, facing the Lagos Lawn –Tennis Club, also harbours criminals. Lagosians waiting for BRT buses have been attacked several times in the mornings, with no provision of security personnel in the place.

Another abandoned building that is being used by robbers and criminals is the 6-storey building on Broad Street, formally used by federal ministries although the place is near the Lion building Police Station. Several robbery incidents and rape cases abound around the area.

Brook Street nearby has also been turned to a haven for criminals masquerading as coffin-makers. Policemen are always around the area to see clients and take the popular “paraga”.

The NIPOST building at Maloney Street has also been taken over by illegal squatters. The 6-storey building facing the Ministry of Defense is home to illegal residents in their large numbers and the security implication of this is obvious.

Who brought these people there? Who turned the NIPOST office to residents for illegal squatters, some of who commit crimes at night.

When WESTERN POST visited the NIPOST Headquarters at Obalende, no official was willing to talk to us about the abandoned houses taken over by hoodlums, which is giving residents in the Lafiaji area of Lagos Island serious concern.

Also, the abandoned federal secretariat in Ikoyi has been turned to a haven for all forms of criminals. This is giving concerned Lagosians nightmare as innocent people are attacked daily, particularly at night, this is done with the connivance and collaboration of security guards employed to keep watch in the premises.

The place have been taken over by hawkers of all manners of alcohol who are making brisk businesses, so also were prostitutes in their brief skirts and make –up.

Sometimes the prostitutes employ the services of bouncers and pimps for protection.

Victims of the criminal activities have often reported to the nearby police stations, but all to no avail.

All attempts to discuss the issues with the chairman of Ikoyi –Obalende Local Government were rebuffed by his overzealous officials.

The criminal activities of some bandits inside the Ikoyi Cemetery have also attracted the attention of Lagosians. Innocent workers of Radio Nigeria and Voice of Nigeria have been attacked severally.

The Local Government Council has failed to provide security in the Ikoyi –Obalende Area.


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