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Lagos Female Lawmaker Seeks Support For State Government


….Urges Youth To Participate In Ongoing APC Membership Registration

The lawmaker representing Amuwo Odofin Constituency 1 in the Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon. MojisolaOluwa Alli-Macaulay, has urged the youth of her constituency to support the state government so that more dividends of democracy would be attracted to the area.

Alli-Macaulay, while addressing some youths from her constituency on Thursday at Assembly Complex, Alausa-Ikeja, stated that many people misunderstood the roles of lawmakers as against what the executive does.

On the allegation that she said ‘The Youth Are High On Drugs’ at plenary few months back, Alli-Macaulay stated that everything that was discussed in the Assembly was based on an order paper and the topic that was discussed on the said day was on the order paper of that day, adding “Which was the unrest in the nation at the time, that had led to the destruction of state property by hoodlums running to trillions of naira”.


“I was the 38th person that spoke that day. That was when I made my own suggestion, expressing my discontent and also wondering how things escalated to that point and that carnage was a taboo in the state.

“I never mentioned Amuwo Odofin in my statement. In my statement I said the parents should also be blamed for some of these things as it is their duty to train up a child because the family is the smallest unit of a Nation. We were talking about hoodlums at the time not Nigerian youth.

“They burnt several places in the state even those of The Lagos State Public Works (LSPW) – the same organization meant to carry out public works in the state including amuwo odofin – When I called them to help me do some things in Amuwo Odofin, they said they had no equipment due to the destruction”, said Alli-Macaulay.

“If I had said something out of place, the Speaker would have called me to order. I also said that the National Population Commission (NPC) should do another population census so that we could have an accurate data base to tackle certain issues in the nation because with data, a lot of these issues bothering the youth can be addressed”, said the Lawmaker.

Speaking on the alleged hoarding of palliative, the female lawmaker stated “It happened that the COVID 19 Relief materials that were given to us was moved to the constituency office to distribute to its rightful owners just at the time of my birthday celebration and I had women groups come in their numbers because I wanted to celebrate with them, I gave out Popcorn Machines, Sewing Machines, Hair dryers, Grinding machines, Ankara and Other Gifts”.

” Some of the beneficiaries are; Amuwo Odofin Market Women Association, Amuwo Odofin widows Association WOWICAN, Arewa women , Ohaneze women, APC Ndigbo Amuwo, Adamawa Michika women, Voice of oteyi, FIRA Women, FOMWAN, FIMC, SOUTH SOUTH women, CDC and All ARTISAN Women.

” I’m a woman..we have milk of kindness in our hearts. Don’t follow the crowd, just give us a little time, she admonished the youth further, If you contest INEC election, for the first term, you are still battling with the money you spent and the efforts you put into it”.

Alli-Macaulay revealed that she had done many projects for her constituents, but that as a lawmaker, her job description is to deliberate on the problems of the people and make laws.

She stated that it was not her job to build roads, revealing that she had done many borehole projects in Amuwo Odofin from her income and empowered a lot of people as she pulled out the records.

“I am a mother and a wife, so I will not allow people to suffer. It is not easy and it’s not because I don’t want to do anything for the youths. “We have had Children Party and I have spent a lot of money helping hundreds of women. We have all the records.

The lawmaker urged the youth to see her as partner in progress on the development of the area.

She encouraged the youth of Amuwo Odofin to take advantage of the ongoing membership registration of the All Progressive Congress (APC), and take very good advantage of the ‘Not Too Young To Run Law’ so as to also get the opportunity to serve and make impact.

” It is time to synergize and I have beautiful plans for the Amuwo Odofin Youths”, said Alli-Macaulay.


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