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LAGOS: Lagos Gives Stewardship Report *Plans Stiffer Sanctions For Tax Evaders



By Bankole Adeshina, Lagos


The Lagos State Government has

disclosed a consistent growth in its

Internally Generated Revenue in the

last one year, saying the present impressive

compliance of tax-paying Lagosians

to their civic duties, has sustained the

resources at a little above N20billion.

Disclosing this at a press briefing to

commemorate the government’s 2500

days in office, Special Adviser to Governor

Fashola on Taxation and Revenue,

Mr. Bola Shodipo, said it was in the interest

of the citizens to pay their taxes and

levies as there had been proofs that such

were being judiciously used to provide

comfort and security for them.

Shodipo gave a long list of developmental

projects the resources are being

currently expended upon, with much

emphasis on those at the conception

stages, which he added required substantial

funds to execute.

He also disclosed that from little above

three million tax-paying Lagos residents

last year, the statistics have been increased

upwardly to over four million

people this year.

Hinting that there are plans in place

to maintain or perhaps adopt a more

aggressive approach to its collection

modus oprandi in order to bring more

development to the people, Shodipo

warned tax evaders to have a rethink

as stiffer sanctions have been put in

place to punish defaulting companies or individuals.

The SA to Governor Fashola noted

that the government had also established

Revenue Complaint Units

across the state, a platform for Lagos

residents to officially lodge complaints

about perceived exploitative taxes

or levies by any of the government

According to him, “the reason why

you will continue to pay your taxes is

for your comfort and security. Unfortunately,

today many people are afraid

to pay their taxes because of the fear

that such might be eventually embezzled,

but in our case (the Lagos State

government), there have been physical

evidences that these funds are being

judiciously managed for the development

of the state and the comfort and

security of its people.


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