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Lagos State Government Provides Uniforms to Fight Impersonation


The Lagos State Government has recently provided uniforms for law enforcement officers of the Ministry of Youth and Social Development to fight impersonation.

The Commissioner for Youth and Social Development, Agboola Dabiri, on Monday in Ikeja said the brown and grey uniform would serve as a means of easy identification of the officers.

He explained that the uniform was designed to suit the duties of the officers, a statement said on Monday.

Dabiri stated that the uniform would prevent the social workers from wearing colourful dresses to scenes of distress, noting that such dresses would not signal compassion for the victims and their relatives.

He said, “Child Protection and School Support Services Enforcement officers of the ministry shall be identified by the uniform. Anyone claiming to be an enforcement officer without the uniform will be handed over to law enforcement authorities.”

Highlighting the ministry’s objectives for the year, the commissioner said the ministry would collaborate with relevant agencies to eradicate domestic violence and sexual related matters, while efforts would be intensified towards juvenile justice system.

“Other issues in the 12-point plan and objective for 12 months include introduction of information and data management system for Lagos State Office of Disability Affairs, orphanage and old people’s homes and improvement of child adoption process and procedures to 12 months,” he added.


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