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LASG Warns Against Displaying Bottled Drinks Under Sunlight


Lagos State government has warned that it is harmful to display drinks in plastic bottles in the sun.

The government said it may soon embark on prosecution of offenders after an enlightenment campaign soon to be launched.

General Manager, Lagos State Consumer Protection Agency (LASCOPA), Mr Afolabi Adebayo Solebo stated this on Wednesday in an interview with Western Post.

He noted that displaying plastic bottle drinks in the scorching sun is harmful to the consumer.

Solebo said: “There’s a particular one now that we’re very much concerned about, people that are exposing bottled drinks, especially water and soft drinks under the sun. It is dangerous.

“We are still doing the enlightenment to people now. There will be a time that we will need to be talking about it again. Once we find out that you are exposing plastic bottles or in the sunlight, we have the duty to confiscate it and prosecute you or ensure that you pay fines to the coffers of Lagos State government.”

He said the state government will continue to educate canteens on ensuring proper hygiene in their environment.

“Just last year, we had our food safety summit. By God’s will, this year too, we are going to continue with the food safety conference and will be inviting people that run restaurant, food marketers and everyone to ensure that where they’re making the food and how they package the food for delivery must be hygienic for the consumers in Lagos State,” Solebo added.




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