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Again, LAWMA Warns against Indiscriminate Dumping of Refuse in Canals


Determined to reduce and completely eradicate plastic and other solid waste from Lagos waterways thereby reducing the economic impact of Marine Litter and Plastics on Nigerian waters, the Lagos State Waste Management Agency says it is not relenting in its effort to rid the waterways of solid waste.

The growing production of single-use plastics and the uncontrolled release of plastic debris onto the land and marine habitats are facilitating widespread plastic pollution.

The Marine Team of LAWMA has continued to tackle both historic waste and the newly generated waste, 80% of which are recyclable plastic waste. This has led to a steady decline in the amount of solid waste on the shoreline.

LAWMA Marine Team Cleaning up Ikorodu Jetty shoreline
LAWMA MD Inspecting ongoing Cleanup Exercise by the Marine Team

On Friday, the Acting Managing Director of LAWMA, Mr. Ibrahim Odumboni, and his marine team went on a monitoring exercise across the various jetties and shorelines inspecting ongoing cleanup exercise.

While a lot of work is ongoing by the LAWMA’s marine team, Mr. Odumboni expressed his dissatisfaction at the attitude of residents who dump refuse indiscriminately into canals and on the shorelines.

“It is essential that people dispose of their waste effectively. If we all containerize our waste rather than put them in the canal or on the shoreline, we won’t be having a situation like this. But as we go through the reform of our PSP and also look at our Marine services as well, we will be able to find a more sustainable approach to it,” Odumboni said.

No doubt, there is a need to clear out the waste from our waterways, but more urgent is the need for residents to stop the unholy practice of indiscriminate dumping of refuse into our canals and patronize their PSPs.

With LAWMA now ensuring the dumping of over 700 trips per day at our landfills across the state, the presence of plastics and solid wastes on our waterways should start declining. This progress was intensified by the new PSP reform ongoing by this administration.


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