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LAWMA Boss To Amuwo Odofin Residents: You’re Dirty, To Shut Down 42 Illegal Dumpsites


The Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA), is set to commence an intensive clean-up exercise, and the immediate closure of 42 illegal dumpsites scattered across Amuwo Odofin Local Government Area of Lagos State.

The MD/CEO of LAWMA,  Mr. Ibrahim Odumboni made this known on Thurday at a stakeholders’ meeting  which held at the council secretariat, Festac Town, Amuwo Odofin.

The meeting is part of the ongoing special clean-up and advocacy exercise embarked upon several weeks ago by the entire management team and all units in LAWMA.

LAWMA MD, Mr. Odumboni  Addressing Participants at the Stakeholders Meeting at Amuwo Odofin LGA
A Cross-section of Stakeholders Present

Addressing participants, the LAWMA boss frowned at the current state of the environment in the locality.

The MD charged the people to take up the responsibility of looking after their environment.

He told them that under his administration, Amuwo Odofin is not going to be dirty because he would not tolerate or stand for such.

Mr. Odumboni said the people of Festac and its environs need to wake up and face the reality of the present situation.

He noted that with over 42 illegal dumpsites scattered around the local government, Amuwo Odofin is one of the dirtiest places in Lagos, and this is due to the attitudes of the people living and working there.

“This place is very dirty, extremely dirty, there is this nonchalant behavior among you. You keep saying its only my house that matter and so what happens outside my house is not my business.”

“You keep your waste outside with no recourse to the people around you. You are only deceiving yourselves if you think you can live nonchalantly because at the end of the day, the money you have refused to spend to keep your environment clean, you end up spending it to buy drugs to take care of your health that is being affected by the dirty environment.

“People are not paying for their waste disposal; people don’t have bins in their houses and cart pushers live among you as if they are the owners of your houses. These are the problems we have here in this local government and we need to address them,” he said.

Odumboni said the people must learn to improvise and be attentive to their environment and then, the local government will be clean and remain clean.

The LAWMA boss did not hide his disappointment with the PSPs operating in the area.

He condemned the attitude of some of the operators who have tried to impose prices on the people.

He told them LAWMA will never support such approach to waste price review.

“CDA’s, CDC’s, LAWMA, PSPs and the representatives from the local government will have to sit down together and deliberate on the price that is acceptable by all.”

“No PSP must impose price on you. LAWMA does not stand for that. There will be no price imposition on anybody across the state. We do not need that. Everyone must be treated with fairness,” he added.

Mr. Odumboni Presented with an Award of Excellence by the Chairman of the Local government














































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