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LAWMA’s Waste Management Academy Takes Off In Lagos

Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) has established a waste management academy, The LAWMA Academy in Lagos to provide quality education, proper engagement and adequate sensitisation in helping people to make informed and strategic decisions about waste management in the State. 
The LAWMA Academy –  first of its kind waste management authority in Nigeria – pledges to become the knowledge hub for credible hands-on tutelage and certification in solid waste management. As an educational arm of LAWMA, The Academy proposes an innovative approach to support corporate and personal development and drive social responsibility among citizens. The Academy renders several programmes and services with the goal to improve waste literacy and promote good waste management practices to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
The Academy, which was created to raise next generations of scholars and entrepreneurs in waste management, is charged with the responsibility of implementing a first-class educational programme in waste management, aimed at changing the social order, promote care and respect for the environment and open up business opportunities for people in the waste management sector.
It would develop a platform for collaborative partnerships in waste management geared towards knowledge acquisition, career and business development for individual, organisations and institutions. It would equally provide structured training workshops on waste management for all stakeholders which include; public and private entities and individuals involved in the generation, collection, transportation, utilisation, recycling and disposal of waste in Lagos State and beyond. These training sessions and courses will promote standard ethics, integrity and compliances to waste management and environmental regulations.
As an agency of Lagos State Government, LAWMA is statutorily charged with the management of solid waste in the state and it remains the pacesetter for waste management in Nigeria. LAWMA since its inception has adopted several programmes and strategies to manage waste in Lagos State, most of which did not suffice to bring about the desired change.
Lagos State based on its status as the economic hub of Nigeria, rapid population growth, urbanization and industrialization, has a direct impact on the volume of waste being generated daily. To address issues of waste management in Lagos State, LAWMA has been tasked with ensuring that all the nooks and crannies of Lagos are clean and safe to prevent communicable diseases and effectively manage waste.
LAWMA through the Academy will partner and work collaboratively with other sectors of the economy to promote the concept of a sustainable environment and achieve the prime objectives of the Academy; which is to raise the next generation of Solid Waste Management scholars and entrepreneurs; connect the government, academia and institutions for a workable reform in the waste sector; create a hub for people to network, share ideas and espouse practices that will increase awareness and knowledge in waste management and train participants in skills and knowledge required to be competitive in the waste global economy.
The Academy will offer the following skill acquisition avenues: Internship programmes, Organisational Training Workshops, Specialty Training in Waste Management, Summer School for students, Waste Summits and Waste Competitions. 
The Internship Programme is an intensive training platform that will engage individuals in sustainable waste practices and also improve their employability skills. This programme will enrol applicants aged 18 to 28. 
The organisational training Workshops is a certified training programme for professionals, business owners, other waste management agencies and waste handlers in corporate environment and industries. The training will introduce corporate organisations and others to the fundamentals of public and corporate waste handling focusing on best practices to reduce, reuse, recycle and manage the resultant waste.
The Specialised Training is be designed for interested applicants with distinct individual areas of interest in waste management like waste fleet management, waste business, waste to wealth and forensic waste analysis, amongst others.
The Summer School is for students in primary and secondary schools. At the summer school, students would be exposed to the concept of waste management through some students Educational programmes in waste management at LAWMA’s facilities for about two to four weeks.
For the LAWMA Waste Challenge Competition, the Academy will organise periodic quizzes and essay writing competitions on waste management. Schools and individuals would apply to participate online to win grand prizes and awards.
The Annual Waste Management Summit will focus on addressing contemporary waste management and environmental issues. During the summit, professionals, academia, policymakers and other stakeholders are invited to participate.
Certificate on completion of waste management training with LAWMA will be issued to trainees at the end of the programme and it will be displayed in offices and corporations. It is expected that after completion of services offered by the LAWMA Academy, the trainees would be well informed and trained to adopt good waste management practices, develop a Solid Waste Management plan for their facilities and support government’s efforts to increase awareness on a cleaner environment.

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