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Lessons from Buhari’s Victory


No longer news that Gen. Muhammadu Buhari has been returned elected President of Nigeria in the recently concluded General elections. Ahead of the election, there was so much of campaign of calumny against the person and leadership style of the General. Even when some people admitted that the Jonathan government has failed in many respects, they still insisted that they would rather have a continuance of failure than a breath of fresh air that GMB represented.

Some even went a step further by playing God. They openly, boldly and brazenly declare that Buhari would never win the Presidential election. They said he has failed 3 times before (2003, 2007 and 2011) and would yet fail again (2015). But as they say, the rest is history. Buhari this time around, surprised everyone even his worst critics and probably himself by winning the Presidential election against the incumbent oga at the top.

There are some lessons to learn from Buhari’s conquest. How can someone that failed three times suddenly win? What changed? I have been able to pinpoint some lessons and are willing to share them with you, my good friends.

Never Give up – that is more than a statement, it is an advice, a charge and maybe even a command. How many of us have given up on a dream, ambition and goal just because we failed? Some even failed just once but here is a man that failed thrice but still had the courage to try again the fourth time. Even if it was not deameaning that he lost to Obasanjo ( a senior in the Nigerian Army), it was to have lost to late Musa Yar’Adua and Goodluck Jonathan ( both men could be referred to as upstarts in national politics). Instead of burying his head in shame and saying he was no good, he mustered enough strength and courage to try again and he ended up making history as the man that ousted the incumbent Nigerian president. If only you could try again, you might just make history.

The Power of Synergy – It is a general saying that no man is an island. Undoubtedly, Buhari has cult followership in the North but he was greatly derided in the East and West. It takes 2 wings to fly, hence, Buhari could never have been president with just support cum votes from the North. He needed at least the West if he couldn’t get the East/SouthSouth. By allowing his party (CPC) to go into merger with ACN to form APC, he created a synergy that ended up delivering the presidency to him. Prior to 2015, Buhari has contested for President thrice and has never won a state in the South West but this time around, he won 5 out of the South Western states. Is there something you are trying to achieve and it seems difficult or impossible, might just be time for you to go into alignment with someone that shares the same dream. You cannot defeat a big fish in a big pond by staying in your small pond forming a big fish.

Kolade Omotosho writes from Bashorun, Ibadan.

Stand for Something – Hate or love Buhari, there is something you cannot take away from him and that is his uprightness. He is one of the very few African leaders that haven’t been tainted with corruption. Nigeria was a critical crossroad and fast sinking into an abysss no thanks to the profligacy and corruption of someone’s government. Hence Nigerians needed the opposite and there was someone that epitomised it , GMB. No surprise that the Buhari tsunami swept away the incumbent government along with its power and ‘money’ of incumbency. No matter who you are or what you do, ensure there is something you stand for.



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