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LIVES REMEMBERED: Former Daily Times Editor Makanjuola aka T-Mak (1948-2014)


He was an all-rounder and regarded as an oracle and icon in all aspects of the newspaper business but it was in newspaper production that he set himself apart from others. In the newsroom, OluwatoyinAbiodunMakanju, aka T-Mak, was, however, a production guru. His was a deft touch. He had the midas touch in newspaper production. So it was no surprise that he rose from the production section to the editorship of the old Daily Times. He was at various times, at the Daily Times, Editor, Sporting Record, Acting Editor, Lagos weekend, Deputy Editor, (Production) and Acting Editor, Daily Times.  He was a veteran international journalist who loved sports, entertainment and politics.

Makanju was born on December 16, 1948 to the family of late AbdulkaremIsola (AKI) and late AlhajaModinatuAbiolaAlatishe in Lagos. He was the last of four of the Makanju children. He grew up in one big family at Apongbon with the Kekere-Ekuns, Ashafas, Onigbanjos, Elegbedes, Hughes, Osobas, Ogbaras, Onis, Adewales, Haye and Thompsons to mention a few. At that time, there was no distinction between family and friends. The Makanju family later moved from Apongbon to 52 Calcutta Crescent, Apapa when the 3rdMainland Bridge project commenced.

After a successful completion of his educational pursuit, crowned with the prestigious J. F. Kennedy Award, T-Mak immediately began his career at the Daily Times of Nigeria where he rose to the pinnacle of his career. He spent over 30 meritorious years at the Daily Times of Nigeria and his time at the Times was part of the glorious years of the Daily Times. Makanju worked with the likes of TundeOsuntolu (SB), Cyril Kappo (CK), JibadeFasina-Thomas (Jabi). He also saw to the training of able and proficient up and coming writers like TrigoEgbegi who has since proved his mettle as a refined and prodigious sports writer. After his stint with Daily Times, Makanju teamed up with the founders of Comet Newspapers to birth the newspaper. Comet was later transformed into The Nation newspaper that we have today.

Makanju openly confessed Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour and was baptized at Surulere Baptist Church on November 25, 2010.

He was married to AbosedeOlubukola (Nee Babarinde) and the union is blessed with children and grandchildren. T-Mak died on January 30, 2014 after a brief illness.


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