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Secessionist Tragedy: South West Rulers, Governors and People’s Honour at Stake by Prof Taofiq Azeez


To describe the ongoing agitation for the OODUA Republic as a tragedy against the Integrity, Intelligence and Enlightenment of the people of the region is a far cry from the distasteful drama.

It is preposterous that the highly educated of the South West will choose miscreants to fight their cause, appoint an erudite Professor as Prime Minister before appealing to the people through rallies. While these miscreants can be forgiven for their sheer ignorance, the Professors and the elites cannot be pardoned. It is a mirage for two reasons. One, it is ill-timed and, therefore, ill-fated. Two, it is a violent clash with enlightened procedures and the educated people of the region should know better.

We cannot afford to be divided before a battle with our enemies. Not now; not now when our political structure is at its weakest and our politicians are most vulnerable. Not now when some great minds are beginning to objectively appraise the merit of true Federalism and the value of unemotional restructuring. NOT NOW.

These miscreants can be forgiven for being unaware of the process of creating a Republic, which entails two methods, where there are no Secession Clauses in the Constitution:

  1. Universal Referendum procedure for which may take several years.
  2. Unilateral Declaration, otherwise, known as Secession.

Either way, nothing good will come to the South West People. The first one will take our time, energy and resources while the rest of the World will carry on ignoring our grumblings. The Second option will be suicidal. The remaining part of the country will jump at the opportunity to crush the arrogant but envied race. They have done it before.

They will want to “Keep Nigeria One” as usual and, in the process, move over and level the region. At the end of the day, the rich miscreants and their sponsors would run away to their masters, leaving the poor masses to sulk. The Foreign Powers will pretend they are officiating/mediating while they sell their weapons. The worst setback would be a counter-rally on October 1st, where we are further divided along with sectarian sentiments.

If the traditional rulers, the government and the enlightened people of the South West are not in support of this imminent bloodbath and self-annihilation, they should speak up NOW or declare their supports so that ordinary people will know who to hold responsible.

We are watching and while doing so, we would hold our rulers and governors responsible for every drop of the sacred blood of our people.

Taofiq Adesina Azeez is the Professor of Communication, Department of English. University of Abuja




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