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Low Key Ed-El-Kabir Festival For Muslim Faithfuls


This year’s Ed-El-Kabir (Ileya) a yearly celebration by Muslim Faithfuls may be on a low key because of the high cost of Rams in the markets and non-payment of  salaries by some State Governors.

Salah rams
The festival which has been celebrated with at least a ram has been described by some people as going to be on a low key .
Some of the people who spoke with WESTERNPOST said that the prices of ram this year is times three of what they spent last year. Attributing the high cost of ram to the problems people are facing presently in the northern part of the country where these rams are brought to the south.  Boko haram insurgents and the herdsmen-farmers crisis.
They said that last year an average family can afford a ram of between thirty to fifty thousand naira, despite the harsh economic condition, prices are moderate but this year the cheapest ram starts from fifty thousand to as much as your pocket can afford.
This led some to join hands together and buy a cow to share among others even at that,  a cow still goes for between one hundred to two hundred thousand naira per one.
WESTERNPOST went round some selling centres at Kara, Alaba Ijora and Agege to confirm what people are saying. The story is even worst just 48 hours to Sallah, Sellers are bent on selling at high prices.
Some sellers said they face a lot of trouble on their way to the south, they paid per ram at every state they passed through despite the problems encountered in the north because of the lingering crises over there. An average ram from the  north to south has attracted close to twenty five thousand apart from  buying price.
These are the causes of high cost of the rams.
They also said that two things are been celebrated together in the south. Ed-El-Kabir and the Isese day for the traditionalist. They all kill rams for their festivals. This will also push up the prices.

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