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Lucia, Adebayor’s Sister, Hits Back At Him


Popular soccer star Emmanuel Adebayo took to his Facebook page to narrate how ungrateful he claimed his family members were and how he spent so much just to make sure they  are comfortable (read story here). But the story didn’t end there as his sister Lucia has now blasted  him back, saying his words were all lies.

It’s impossible to understand why footballer Adebayor would lie about the kind of support he gives his family more also, as he claims to be a generous giver even to strangers.

Lucia, Adebayor

Following Adebayor’s recent Facebook post in which he spoke of how unfairly his family had treated him —taking more and more from him and yet claiming he had done nothing for them, his sister, Lucia Adebayor, has hit back, claiming the footballer lied about everything he posted on the social media.

Lucia calls Adebayor a liar and says his rants are all lies to deceive the world. Adebayor’s revelations had gone viral on the world wide web, with many sympathising with him.

His sister, Lucia, who was mentioned in the revelations, has come out to say her part of the story.

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Below is what she wrote:

Keep on lying to the whole world brother… where is the car you got for mum?… you took it back… The house you claim you bought for sister are all lies…

The phones Rotimi stole are all lies….No phone was stolen, and remember, money is not everything oooo…

We the family don’t even need you again just be on your own so we do the same…the fact you have it today or you are up there today, doesn’t guarantee your tomorrow… May God Allah forgive you because you are lying…

You sent your own little nephews packing from your house at 12am, who does that? and you said we are family….The Alfas and Mallams have done great harm to your life. You need God… Only God can save your soul…



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