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Makinde to Swear In 14 Commissioners on Thursday

By Bode Akinbode, Ibadan
Oyo State Governor, Engr. Seyi Makinde will on Thursday swear in his commissioner-nominees at the Executive Council Chambers of the Governor’s Office.
The 14 commissioners who were cleared last week by the state House of Assembly are to take oath of offices after which they will be assigned portfolios.
The governor dropped the hint on Wednesday while receiving in audience members and management team of the state Shooting Stars Sports Club, popularly known as ‘Oluyole Warrior’ in his office.
During the extended stakeholders’ meeting of the sports club with him, Makinde expressed the commitment of his administration to adequately fund the club in order to prevent it from its abysmal performance for some time.
“I have heard all what you have to say, your disappointment. I am also disappointed and some of you here we have interacted before.”
Some of the challenges that you have mentioned, are surmmontable. I have been in this state, early 80s when Leventis United got promoted to Division 3 to 2 to 1 just in a season.”
“I am also a die-hard supporter of 3SC. Of course I understand that you have to be motivated, also I understand that in football and sports generally, welfare is the key. We have seen athletes leave Nigeria to go adorn the colours of other countries. So, if we cannot make these things worthwhile for the players and the people charged with the administration of sports and especially football, then we will continue to have these pains, which I could see everybody felt, because we couldn’t get the promotion.”
Yes, we shouldn’t be playing at the National League level, we should be playing Premiership in Nigerian and this is a club with a very rich history behind it. We just have to do whatever is necessary at this point in time to pick up the pieces and face the future or else we will keep on looking back.”
“What happened at the last match in Asaba, you know when you said, maybe it’s jazz or not, well, I’ll say this that I am seating as the Governor of this state today could be termed a miracle. So, Shooting Stars will definitely get promoted this season.
If it will take a miracle for Shooting Stars to get promoted, it won’t be something new because you have a miracle governor on the seat and we have to make it happen and we have to plan for it.”
“We will look for ways and means to make things to happen faster even within the limit imposed by the governance structure here.”
“One thing I need to mention is the fact that we are not going to mix sports administration with politics. I don’t care where you belong politically, what I care about is that we have to work hard and allow 3SC to take its positions in Nigeria’s football.”
“We will make changes that can give us the desired result, but what is important is that the management and the players, you should be sure that we will motivate you and we will also properly fund the club.”
“To whom much is given, much is also expected. We will give you the required resources, we will also gave you the required attention.”
“Tomorrow, (today) we are likely to be swearing in the commissioners, so, its not that we have many times in our hands just to sit idle but because of the importance attached to the visit, that is why we have made out more than three hours for this matter.”
“When 3SC is not doing well, you are not the only ones feeling the pains, the generality of our people. Many of our people takes a lot of sacrifices personally for the success of the club and even when the club don’t even deliver, they also feel down.”
The governor then disclosed he would appoint a Special Assistant in the Governor’s Office to look after the 3SC and the Crown Football Club Ogbomosho.
“We are doing this so that we can have the required attention and I also promise you that I will attend some of your matches. We will do everything possible to ensure that my charge to you, which is Shooting Stars must get promoted after this season. Everything that we are suppose to do, we will do. Areas where you think, you have to fortify, by all means, send your proposal to us and we will treat it with dispatch.”
“I am not here to dwell in the past, but here to listen to what you have you have to say but for us to go back and put structures in place that will allow you to achieve these objectives. If you don’t, after giving you everything, then you shouldn’t change your mind about resigning.”
We will play our parts and you will definitely see the difference because we want the generality of our people who are supporting 3SC to also be happy, that is parts of the reason we are here. And any resources expended we believe will be justified by giving us the needed promotion at the end of the season,” Makinde said.
Earlier on the part of the entourage of the club, the expressed their sadness over the abysmal performance of Shooting Stars, which they attributed to lack of adequate fund and some internal problems.
They, then, respectively appealed to the governor for their failure to secure the 2018/19 Nigeria Professional Football League ticket during their loss at the final play-off match against Akwa Starlets at Asaba, in a game which ended 3-0.

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