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Malud Nabiyy is Blessing to Humanity, Says Aminat Olaboopo


The celebration of the  birthday of Prophet Muhammad, (Malud Nabiyy) has been described as blessings of Allah on  humans all over the world.

The submission was made by Hajia (DR) Mrs Aminat Olaboopo, proprietress of Allahu Samadu Model Schools, Ibadan, in an interview with Journalists.

Speaking on  the  occasion, Hajia Olaboopo said the birth of prophet Muhammad was significant because  it  ushered in  light unto the earth at a time humans were  living in darkness.

“The Malud Nabiyy is the third month of the Hijirah calendar, through which the birth of Prophet Muhammad brought light and mercy to the earth.”

She encouraged  people to emulate the  legacy the prophet  left behind  in order to make the world a better place to live.

Hajia Olaboopo expressed the belief that  the situation in Nigeria can improve and be better if the people emulate the teachings and virtues of the prophet.

“Our leaders too should imbibed and take after the  quality leadership traits of the prophet in order to make  the  people and nation to progress.”

While calling for peaceful co-existence among Nigerians, she said the occasion calls for prayers and sober reflection adding that the people should allow  humility and quality traits of the prophet be their watch word.



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