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Many rendered Homeless After Demolition of Tarkwa Bay, Navy Lists other Targets


The Lagos State government (LASG) and the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) expressed their support on Thursday for the ongoing demolition of illegal structures around NNPC pipelines.

The operation, which touches Tarkwa Bay, was condemned by Amnesty International, which accused the Nigerian army of excessive force.

The Nigeria News Agency (NAN) reports that at least 300 points discovered along NNPC pipelines used to illegally siphon gasoline were dismantled by members of the Operation during the exercise.

M, Director of Technical Services, Ministry of Spatial Planning and Urban Development, Lagos State, said that the state government would not give up while the country was sabotaged by saboteurs.

“The government cannot lay down their arms where illegal occupiers sabotage the economy of Nigeria, the government of the state of Lagos will not be part of it,” he said.

He said that most of the structures in the areas visited by the team were illegal and had no government approval, saying that those with permits had not been demolished.

“The state of Lagos has not authorized anyone to occupy this place, so most of the structures found here are illegal structures, their owners have never obtained a permit or approval from the Lagos state government.

“The relaxation centers were not affected by this operation because they have our license, but those who did not have a license are those who carry out illegal activities and they are the target of the government.

“These are the ones sabotaging the economy,” he said, adding that the Lagos state government has a master plan that covers all parts of the state.

In addition, Mr. Yusuf Ahmed, Director General, Property and Property Administration, Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), said that the demolition of illegal structures along the NNPC pipelines was an interesting and fair development.

“I will say that this is an interesting development for me because these people have been on the property of the NPA without its authorization, they have been squatters and we are interested in seeing them leave.”

“So it’s a good development. For us, it was difficult to send them, now that they are out, we are happy. They were there, but we could not eject them.

“And since they engaged in illegal activities, including bunkering of oil, transportation and removal of fuel, it has become necessary for security agencies to come and evict them. And we are happy about it, ”he said.

Rear Admiral Oladele Daji, commander of Operation AWATSE, also said that the operation would continue as part of OPERATION KUROMBE.

“The reason why OPERATION KUROMBE is different from the current operation is that after the phase we are in now, we are entering the stabilization phase and that is to ensure that our presence is maintained.

“There will be our adequate presence, both on the seafront and on the islands. So it will be difficult for criminal elements to gain a foothold on the islands.

“I want to say that we will never again allow them to perpetuate the type of economic sabotage they are committing against the country.

“These are just a few criminal elements who have thousands of jerry cans stored in their backyards, they dug wells around their complexes and hid them. These are the ones we deleted.

“Most of these criminals are Ghanaians, Beninese and Togolese,” he said.

He advised good law-abiding citizens to carry out their legal activities without fear and assured them that they would not be intimidated by anyone.

The areas listed for demolition include: Old Akinbo which has 12 structures, five structures in Aditu, Phase 2 has 17 structures, Ikate has 22 structures, Upstairs has 5 structures while Virgin Land has 3 structures.

The White House has 3 structures, Akaraba has 62 structures, Idi Mangoro has 28 structures, Waterside has 19 structures, Ilado has 57 structures, Robert has 13 structures, Abule Glass has 21 structures.

Others are Ilashe which has 37 structures while 150,000 empty jerry cans have been discovered, no less than 5,000 jerry cans with PMS have been confiscated, 310 wells / well with PMS have been discovered.



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