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Maolud Nabbiy: Islamic Cleric Charges Muslim Faithfuls On Moral Discipline


As Muslims all over the world celebrates this year’s  Maolud Nabbiy, an  Islamic cleric, Professor  Sabit Ariyo Olagoke has charged Muslim faithful across the country to use the

occasion  as  an offered opportunity for religious people to retrace their steps into the culture of moral discipline

He said with this, the efforts of heroism in the Holy Prophet Mohammed (SAW) will not be allowed to be in vain as it will be of immense benefit to the people particularly in their organizational and professional ethics.

While congratulating Muslims on the occasion,  Prof. Olagoke who is the Founder and Spiritual  Head of Shafaudeen in Islam Worldwide in his goodwill message to facilitate with Muslims noted that Islam gets to its quality and standard form for divine clarification through the uprightness of worship and deeds of the Holy Prophet Mohammed (SAW).

He also pointed out that for  any Muslim  worth it’s salt, the impact of positive change must be the watchword

“The rots in Mecca/Medina and the rest of Saudi Arabia were addressed by the Holy Prophet Mohammed  (SAW) to a bequeathable legacy level using Al Islam as an opportunity to effect the change.

“This is what is absent in Nigeria today making the Houses of God mere houses of the funfair, merchandise or commercial centres

“Just like the United Nations roll out several programmes like the MDGs and the SDGs, challenging every nation to adopt and adapt for implementation for their people to have better life,  our leaders should provide  good governance to drive away poverty on the principle of Justice and Equity for Sustainable Development, Peace and Security.”, he said

On the recent #EndSARS protests  that rocked the country, he    charged the youths to steer clear of any act  that might plunged the country into crisis and allow the government to address their demands




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