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May 28 or 29, the Message is Handover is Real


What is the fuss about the handover date of May 29? What is so sacrosanct about the date, the unwary may add? What difference will 24-hour make? The truth of the matter is it’s a constitutional provision that the handover must take place on May 29, hate or like it. General Muhammadu Buhari was elected on March 28 to take the baton of leadership on May 29. The constitution does not envisage a 24-hour vacuum that may occur if President Jonathan handed over to President-elect, General Buhari, on May 28 as initially indicated by Information Minister Senator Patricia Akwashiki.  This is perhaps why many have engaged in a heated debate about Akwashiki’s initial statement. Some were even mauling a legal action perhaps. With that at the background, what Minister Akwashiki apparently wanted to convey is the readiness of President Jonathan to hand over even today. It seems the president wanted to emphasize that he would not stay a day longer in office. How important this statement is will be clear if you glimpse all the mundane talks on the cyber space that the handover would not happen, the same way many were prepared to swear on their mothers’ graves that the election would not hold.  Pray, why would President Jonathan who willingly conceded defeat now refuse to handover? It does add up. Rather than vilify the president over his eagerness to hand over, he should be commended. And now that Akwashiki has set the record straight that the handover remains May 29, what will the mischief-makers say next?


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