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Missing Child: Prophet Babatunde Arrives in Court Amid Tight Security


Témitope Adedeji, Akure

Founder of Sotitobire Miracle Center, Akure, Prophet Alfa Babatunde, was on Thursday back in court with six other members of his church in continuation of his trial over the disappearance of one-year-old, Gold Kolawole, in church premises last November.

Our correspondent gathered that testimonies of five witnesses against the defendants are expected to be heard on Thursday.

The mother of the missing boy, Modupe Kolawole, would be the first witness for the day, our correspondent can report.

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Also, the father of the missing child will also testify before Justice Olusegun Odutola of the state High Court.

At the last sitting on Monday, an aunt of the boy, Esther and grandmother, Kemi, were the two witnesses who gave testimonies for the state.

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Security was beefed up from the gate of the court unlike previous sittings.

A mammoth crowd gathered at Ondo State High Court premises to witness the hearing.


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  1. By looking at the name of the church, together with attitude of church members you will know something is wrong with the church, first the name of church plus the way the pastor is looking , you will know that he a descendant of devil looking for a prey to devour, some people don’t know that they have already register their in name hell 🔥 fire in name of going to church, people are know worshipping their Pastors forgetting their God, in other hands pastors want to like God, see what is happening in churches today pastors will wake up one, bought dittol, snipper, jik, rat poison so on and so forth, he will asked church members to take it and they will come out to take, some times l used ask myself this pastors did they caste spell on their church members, because when l open my Bible and ready it, l find it difficult this generational churches, before l do thing l first of pray and go to Bible to check it up, if it is not there you are on own, some people will deceive you that not everything that is Bible and l will tell you that l have not finish the one God told me do in the Bible talk more of looking for more. Some women to that called themselves members of the are causing the child parents l am sure and also convince that if it is them that lost their children in such a tragedy manner they will kill everybody in Nigeria but see the way they are causing the child parents, l told our Bible told us look our as we love ourselves and also pray for our enemies, did he say kill your enemies. Oh no l am a Christian born and brought up in Christian home, you don’t go to church more than me but sometimes l do ask myself question about Christian and their believe because what l see in Bible is not what l am seeing today’s churches. Most people are seeking for miracle everywhere that they have sold their life to Satan in name of miracle, onyinye ekwesu but we’re isi we re isi not knowing they are children of God and can do the impossible by themselves through prayer. God created us in his own image ( we are small God). Be please can any church members tell me the meaning of sotitotire be please.


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