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Missing Child Saga: Gold Would Have Been Found If…, Says Alfa Sotitobire in Video Evidence 


By Temitope Adedeji, Akure

It was drama galore at the Ondo State High Court on Monday, when two video tapes were played by the Department of the State Security Services (DSS) as evidence tendered in court against Alfa Babatunde of the Sotitobire Church in Akure.

The prophet is currently undergoing prosecution over the missing 13-month-old boy, Kolawole Gold, in his church last November.

The interrogation in the video was conducted on Monday by the men of the DSS, headed by one Adekunle Akanbi and the Counsel to the Prophet, Barrister Omoware.

However, the video has it that, the pastor had initially said in an interview that it was because the parents of the missing boy did not come begging, stating that the boy could have been found if the parent had begged him.

He said in the video that parents of the missing boy did not follow the church’s normal channel in reporting the case of the missing boy.

The Presiding Judge, Justice Olusegun Odusola, having diligently watched the video, ordered that the exhibit be taken in as viable and useful evidence against the prophet.

Also, one of the suspects, who is also a teacher in the church, said she has been a member of the church for over three years. She confessed that indeed the little boy was brought into the church on that fateful day.

She said further that, on that day, 14 of them were present to oversee the affairs of the children.

According to her, the little boy, Gold, was brought in to the church, and the boy was registered on the church register as Kolawole Gold on number 87.

She said, “Mrs. Omodara, Mrs. Oyebola, Mrs. Olaleke and two other women were there when the child was brought.”

She said all she knew was that, the baby was brought in and few minutes later, another woman came in to feed the boy but that she couldn’t ascertain if the baby was Kolawole Gold.


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