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7 Steps To Get The Best Out Of Your Monday Mornings

Monday Mornings
Monday Again?

Monday is heartbroken, as it never gets the love it gives us back… everybody hates Monday!

There’s an adage amongst the Yorubas that says, “Sunday to ba ma daa, Satiday la ti n mo”, loosely, this translates to “a good Sunday is foretold from Saturday”. This applies to Mondays as well, as it foretells the success/failure of the week.

Here’s what you don’t know; a dose of the following 7 pills can take you through all Monday mornings leaving you beaming with love and a whole new world of excitement.

  1. Early Morning Booze

The day often belongs to the early risers so take no chance of sleeping on it, it’s Monday morning!

A couple of push ups here and there, little sit ups and stuff, anything to gush your endorphin rush is your day starter.

food is ready
Food is ready

Two slices of bread and egg with milk-rich coffee would do the magic, you don’t want to fall asleep off from a heavy food effect.

Now don’t forget to greet the team ‘cos you’re the boss…yaay!

2.  Dose of Chill

The chill pill is a dash of calmness and a smile flash. The good thing about a smile is, it is contagious and that’s the tiny bit of motivation everyone needs to get through Monday mornings.

like a boss
Be The Boss

3.  To Do Pills


Setting goals and prioritizing tasks are one of the major things that makes a successful individual. Hey, everyone loves a successful week, just keep the optimistic mind to attain desired results. Don’t forget to scan through your mail, something important might just be awaiting your attention.

4.  Knock Out

knockout punch
Knock it out first

Take the tough one down first! The start out of the tackle might seem tiring, stressful and difficult but it all ends at the start out. Once that guy is out, every other task would be a piece of cake.

5.  Say No

Say no to distraction so you can say yes to your destiny – Thema Bryant-Davis

This girl in red, that guy with the unfruitful talks, those little tempting time stealers. Whatever the distraction, it is best avoided on Monday morning.

Focus is key to attaining productivity.

6.  Humanity Antibiotics

Stay connected to the world
Stay connected to the world

As much as you want to forget yourself in your Mondays, don’t lose touch with the world. Stay connected to the universe by passing on that energy called humanity.

7.  No Carry Overs

Fab’ or rough weekend, don’t transfer the aggression to Monday, remember it needs love too.

There always comes Tuesday right after Monday, you don’t want to walk into it with the stress from Monday. Allow for well planned long term tasks but don’t allow spills into the following week.

Lastly, don’t relive Monday, it’s a new day, everyday.


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