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Most Nigerian Pastors Are Called By Their Bellies Not God, Says Prophet Mike Agboola


Prophet (Dr.) Mike Agboola is the Founder and General Overseer of Jehovah Power Miracle Terbanacle Church a.k.a Terbanacle of Power and Manifestation in Ibadan.  In this interview he spoke about some men of God that have commercialized God’s work to make ends meet and also talked about the need for ministers of God to preach about salvation and holiness to their members and not prosperity alone.

Did you start this ministry on a full time basis or what were you doing before?

Well, I never taught that I was going to be a full time Minister of God because I was selling cars before. I was a successful motor dealer before the Lord called me to His Vineyard. At a point, I encountered some problems with my business and I went to inform some of my fathers in the Lord and they told me that the hand of God is heavily upon me and that the Lord needs my full attention.

Later I was working for the Lord on a part time basis because of the money I was getting from my
car business but later, I discovered that the Lord was not happy with what I was doing and that was how I surrendered fully to the call of the Lord.

What were the challenges you confronted with in ministry?
I have lots of challenges in the course of discharging my duties to the Lord. I no longer have time for myself and my family again. Also to be a true Minister of God is not an easy task at all because you mentor a lot of people with different characters.

But to the Glory of God this Ministry is now an international Ministry that the world has accepted.

What will you say about some pastors that have turned the church into commercial places to make the ends meet?
Anybody that is doing God’s work because of money is not a true servant of God. We have three different categories of pastors.

Firstly, those that are truly called by God, secondly, those that are called by people and those that are called by their bellies. I can tell you categorically that majority of the pastors we have now adays
are called by their bellies and not God. I told you earlier that I was a car dealer before the Lord called me so I know what it takes to be a servant of God. Any pastor that is after money is not a true servant
of God. We have a lot of fake pastors and prophets in town but Bible says by their fruit you shall know them. God’s work is not what someone can do with flesh or personal knowledge.

What will you say about proliferation of churches in every nook and cranny of Nigeria. Is it a welcome development?
I think we should leave them for God himself to judge all those pastors that are. polluting the church but I can tell you that we still need more churches in Nigeria. The  Bible says that many are call but few are chosen.

How do you think the Federal Government can handle the issue of insecurity that is bedeviling the country?
The issue of insecurity is something that calls for the attention of all and sundry. It is not the government alone that will find solution to the problem of insecurity. We should all join hands in prayer because Nigeria is our own Jerusalem and we should pray for the growth and peace of our country.

As a minister of God are you not scared with the level of reported cases of corruption in Nigeria?
Thank God that we now have a President that has zero tolerance for corruption. I believe with the inception of this administration, Buhari’s fear will reduce the high rate of corruption in Nigeria. Also, the church has a crucial role to play because we should preach against corruption and other evil acts.

We  should also. pray that God should speak to our leaders so that they can lead us with the fear of God. I believe very soon we will eradicate corruption in Nigeria.

What did the Lord reveal to you about Nigeria?
The Lord told me that a strong and powerful politician in Nigeria will die in the month of March. So Nigerians should pray because the death of the politician will shake Nigeria. Nigeria is an apple in the eyes of the Lord. With prayers and total dedication to the Lord all will be well with us in Nigeria. Even when America predicted that Nigeria would break in 2015 God proved them wrong because we conducted a peaceful and accepted election. So I believe that God loves this country.

Do you think performing signs and wonders is the real essence for the inception of church?
Miracles are part of the main reasons while churches exist, but we should not allow miracle to make us forget the laws and commandments of the Lord. Even the Bible says that my people will not believe unless they see signs and wonders. But it is very important that we ministers of God preach about God salvation and holiness because it is salvatuion that will sustain miracle.

What is your message for the Nation?
My message for Nigerians is that they should have the fear of God and continue to pray for the peace and growth of Nigeria. Also our leaders should have the love of the masses at heart. We should all join hands to support the present administration in the country. With prayers Nigeria will move forward in all ramifications.


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