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MTN, Please Address this Fraud


I wish to draw the attention of MTN to two events that affected me directly and indirectly in the last two weeks.

First, I sent a N400 credit to my father in the Lord on the no 08032259522. But I later learnt that he did not use the credit as it disappeared as soon as he credited his line.

He told me that when I sent the credit, he had N600 or thereabout and that with the N400 credit, the total credit rose to about N1,000 but when he checked his credit some minutes after, he was having nothing in his account.

His visit to the MTN office in Ibadan yielded no positive result. He said he did not subscribe to any service to warrant such deduction. The question is: Why should someone credit his line with his hard-earned resources only for him to be prevented from enjoying it.

Second, I was utterly shocked when I discovered that my friend’s father’s line which I have been calling for a long time now has suddenly become someone else’s line.

Whenever I called the line, someone else picked the call. Even when the person called me, it was my friend’s father’s name that appeared on my phone. Yet my friend’s father still has possession of the line. MTN, what is happening?

Etuo Ogar,



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