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Mu’azu: Bamanga Tukur Must Be Having a Good Laugh!


Former Peoples Democratic Party National Chairman Alhaji Bamanga Tukur must be having a good laugh at present. Tukur was shoved aside by the party for former Bauchi State governor, Alhaji Adamu Mu’azu, who just resigned his appointment, to ascend the top office. Tukur’s problem essentially was that he was too loyal to President Jonathan. Yes Tukur carried on in office in a rampaging manner; he even suspended some governors from the party for alleged anti-party activities and it was under him that five PDP governors eventually defected from PDP to New PDP and later APC. But it was all about the politics of the 2015 presidential race. Some of the PDP second term governors had their eyes on 2015 presidential race and were not comfortable with Tukur as chairman. They saw him as a stumbling block to actualising their ambition. They needed to push him out and position somebody who could make it possible for them to contend for the top job. But an unwary President Jonathan could not read between the lines. He caved in and allowed Tukur take a fall. He brought in Mu’azu who was not really his candidate, whom he hardly knew well. His candidate was former Minister of Transport Idris Umar but the governors had their way. Tukur even tried to resist his removal, initially launching a court case against the move. However, it was too late in the day as the President himself had signed on to it. In compensation, he was named Chairman of the Nigerian Railway Board.

Now, apart from the second term governors, Mu’azu, who succeeded Tukur, according to sources, was also silently hoping he could run for the presidency. In the presidential race, he was non-committal with respect to Jonathan’s emergence. He refused to join the presidential fray against the All Progressives Congress candidate Muhammadu Buhari because coming from the North like Buhari, the Northern religious and opinion leaders were accusing him of standing in the way of the region to get power back. In the end, President Jonathan lost to Buhari. Even Mu’azu’s Bauchi home state, which paraded a PDP governor (Isa Yuguda) and Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (Senator Bala Muhammed) fell to the APC candidate. The PDP and its leaders then started the blame game, blaming everybody but themselves over Jonathan’s massive defeat. The pressure mounted on Mu’azu and his National Working Committee members to resign. And last Wednesday, Mu’azu threw in the towel. He was quickly followed by the Chairman of the party’s Board of Trustees, Chief Tony Anenih. But the other NWC members are saying there is no reason for them to resign. For how long can they hang on? We are all waiting; Tukur must be having a good laugh.


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