Home News Muslim Conservatives Criticise Buhari For Shaking Oshiomhole’s Wife

Muslim Conservatives Criticise Buhari For Shaking Oshiomhole’s Wife

Muslim Conservatives Criticise Buhari For Shaking Oshiomhole's Wife
Buhari shaking Oshiomhole’s wife Iara

Several Muslim conservatives have criticised the recent photo of President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, which showed him giving a congratulatory handshake to wife of Edo State governor Iara Fortes, on her wedding day.

Buhari was a guest at the wedding of of Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole to his Cape Verde Islands bride, Iara Fortes, which held on Friday, May 16.

The Islamic fundamentalists took to social media to condemn the handshake, describing it as a “wave of un-Islamic handshakes” to women.

The critics said the president-elect shouldn’t have given a handshake to Mrs. Oshiomhole or touch the naked hands of women, especially the married ones.

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According to reporter Simon Ateba on his blog, Buhari’s critics posted other pictures on social media showing him shaking the hands of several other women.

The pictures were all taken at public places. “The wave of un-Islamic handshakes continues,”one post said. “Un-Islamic handshakes galore,” another post read on Facebook.

One of his critics wrote:

“In Southern Nigeria where I am writing this, shaking the hand of or hugging a married woman is as natural and as common as breathing. It is so common that no one even notices it. It means friendship and respect. It is nothing sexual or disrespectful.

“But in some Northern states where Buhari hails from,

“Shaking a married woman with “naked hands” can lead to serious repercussions. Often women are kept away from men, especially men that are not married to them.”


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