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Muslims Charged to Live By Teachings of Prophet Mohammed


As Muslims globally marked the birth of Prophet Mohammed, they have been charged to follow the teachings of the great prophet in order to benefit from the advantages earmarked for them.

The admonition was made by Professor Sabit Olagoke, the Founder and Spiritual Head of Shafaudeen In Islam Worldwide, Wakajaiye, Ibadan, while speaking with the Muslim faithful from all over the country who thronged the international headquarters of the mission.

“Muslims in Nigeria are yet to be near the stipulations of God as contained in the scripture and neither have we been able to reach the state of piety as obtained in Saudi Arabia, Mecca and Medina” Prof. Olagoke said.

He urged all Muslims to study Quoran to the understanding level, “whereby we are to apply it to guide our routine activities as well as understanding the Hadiths to the adaptability level of application.”

The President of Ajagun Esin Consultative Forum said that it was regrettable to observe that most believers in Nigeria only operate at the realm of rhetorics creating no impact, adding “when we learn, let us learn correctly so that we are not misled and we do not mislead others.”

Intercessory prayers were offered for the President, state governors, law makers in both the national and state assemblies as well as the judicial officers who required the fear of God and divine leading in their day to day activities.

The Justice of Peace during a chat with newsmen counselled the Federal Government to handle the Niger Delta crisis and the Shittes conflict in Kaduna State with extreme care and caution, warning “we cannot afford another terrorism in the country.”

He reiterated that what is happening in some parts of Nigeria particularly in Kaduna by Shitte and North-East by Boko Haram were against the doctrine of Islam, adding that, Islam remains a religion of peace.

Olagoke blamed religious leaders for shying away from telling corrupt politicians the truth because of their personal gains, warning that if they did not change, they would account for their act of omission or commission on the day of judgment.

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