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One Injured As Muslims, Oro Worshippers Clash In Ogun


By Kolawole Olayinka, Abeokuta

Oro worshippers and the Muslim community on Wednesday clashed in Idi Iroko areas of Ogun State following a 24-hour curfew imposed by the Oro worshippers in the town for spiritual cleansing.

It was gathered that the Oro worshippers were the ones that first attacked a Muslim cleric in daylight during their festival.

The Oro adherents were said to have started their annual festival since Saturday, when they imposed daylight curfew on the residents of the area.

However, the festival turned violent when they clashed with Muslim faithful who were observing the evening prayer.

The Oro adherents reportedly attacked a Muslim cleric, Bola Wasiu, and inflicted machete cuts on his head.

Others including women were also attacked in the mosque while Wasiu was rushed to the hospital.

The incident which occurred in Temitope area in Idi-Iroko-Ajegunle, affected the same mosque; Umar Bin Kathab which was attacked in 2019 during an Oro festival.

The Imam of the affected mosque, Abdul Waliy Omo-Akin said members of his congregation were attacked during the festival in the day time.

Omo-Akin said the Oro worshipers breached the agreement reached with the adherents of the two other religions in the area and court order that there must not be Oro festival in the day time.

He added: “One of our members, Bola Wasiu was injured in the head by the Oro worshipers for coming out during the festival in the daylight.

“He left the mosque around 4:pm for his farm to feed the fish. He was waylaid by them and attacked.

“We were able to get hold of three of the attackers and handed them over to the police.

“We had held a meeting with the DPO last week Wednesday where he warned them against daylight ritual. They imposed the curfew since Saturday.

”The people ,out of fear, did not go to their places of work. Markets, banks were shut, while schools also were closed.”

The leader of the Oro adherents could not be reached as at the time of filing this report.



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