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My Biggest Moment is Yet to Come, Says Comedian Koffi


Koffi has been popular since his school days. He was part of the popular Twilight Zone television show. A shot while after, he was on stage doing jokes like other comedians. Boxing him into a particular art may be wrong: he is into acting, singing, dancing and comedy. He studied Chemistry at the University of Lagos, but he never practiced his course. In fact, he jumped into stardom the day he left school. It was his birthday last week. Koffi, the all-round entertainer, who is married with two kids, spoke in an interview with ORIYOMI DAWODU…

Born to Togolese Mum, Nigerian Father…

I was born, and named Koffi Idowu-Nuel, to a Togolese mum and Nigerian father from Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos. I attended Kuramo Primary School, Victoria Island and because I was naughty, my mother later sent me to Molusi College, Ijebu-Igbo, Ogun State. I proceeded to the University of Lagos to read Chemistry and while in the university, I joined Theatre 15, a theatre club. That was where I honed my skill. I first started as a stage actor, then fully blossomed into a comedian and, of course, music came along the line while having fun. Since my fans love my musical ability, they encouraged me further to take it more serious.

I Started with Theatre 15 Like Gbenga Adeyinka, Tee A, Teju Babyface…

Theatre15 is an extra-curricular club in Unilag where students learn the rudiments of the stage and how to better be prepared for the bigger stage. It is where I started from just like the likes of Gbenga Adeyinka, Bunmi Davies, Tee A, Teju Babyface. etc. We also did the TV drama, Twilight Zone. It was a drama centered on school happenings. That was where we all started from – myself, Yaw, KB, Biola and others. It was while we were doing that, being the character that I was, I used to sing and mix songs a lot, so people liked it, and I started doing my own songs and work. God and my environment improve my thought process a lot as well as what I read. . It is things that I see around me that inspire me in writing my jokes. We can talk about things around us, other things that happen in the society. The things we read in the papers and hear on the news are also part of what makes my jokes. That is why my humour is a bit directed towards the intellectual. I hardly tell beer parlour’s joke. I read a lot, I perceive a lot and I see a lot, these things reflect in the things I say. I always tell people that God is the ultimate comedian. God is funny and it is from the abundance of what he has that He gives to us.

Entertainment Industry is Still a Baby

The entertainment industry is still a baby soon: we shall move to the crawling stage, take our first steps, walk properly, run, then someday fly. The industry can be made better by diversifying talents into other genres of humor besides stand-up comedy

I Have Never Had Low Moment

My biggest moment is yet to come. I have never had low moment, and never will by God’s grace. On my thoughts and expectations, wherever God leads and wants to take the brand. I expect little all the time. For me the bigger picture is in the little things we do for others God is my role model in life and on the job.

Piracy is Hard to Curtail

Piracy is very hard to curtail because events happen every day and you can’t be everywhere at the same time to monitor who is infringing on your contents.  Caucus is quite natural in every business or field for one to have close associates and closest buddies. I am quite naturally closer to Owen Gee and Lepacious Bose but that hasn’t stopped my working with my other colleagues. Same applies across board, Basket Mouth is closer to Bovi and Buchi so most naturally he would pitch ideas to them first before anyone else. However, this hasn’t stopped our collaborations. There are no caucuses just an affinity for bringing to fore a friendship that manifests into the professional foray.

Comparing Humour Across Cultures Totally Wrong

I think it is quite unfair to keep considering industries across the world. What are the parameters? First and foremost comedy is restricted by language and community hence comparing humour across cultures is totally wrong. Music has no language hence sound breaks borders but comedy is restricted more so a third world country cannot be compared in any way with the growth in any endeavour in the west or anywhere else


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