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My Take on Ondo Residency Card ‘Kaadi Igbe Ayo’

By Jumoke Anifowose

The Ondo Residency Card
Kaadi Igbe Ayo is of no use to the good people of Ondo State now. It is fraud in its current mode of implementation. How many times will the card be launched? It was launched in Governor Mimikos first term or so! With less than two (2) years left in the 8 years of Governor Mimikos administration, what services (social services, specific social security scheme) will he provide to the people, which he hasnt done in the last 6 years? Why now? Governor Mimiko has spent millions of Naira on this project already. From my record, he has been planning this project before he became Governor of Ondo State. So why has the project not been concluded? So why should our people pay for the card? Why not explore putting the Residency Information as an applet on the chip in the National Identity Smart Card? Through such collaboration, Ondo State and its people will not have to incur cost on production of the Smartcard. What will be needed is the residency database infrastructure and its integration to the National Identity Database System/Infrastructure.
This has the added advantage of inter-operability. The
Kaadi Igbe Ayo in its current form has no payment application/applet (functionalities)! So it cannot help address issues of financial inclusion, or cashless policy of the national government. Therefore, this entire concept of the project needs review, redesign and better implementation to focus it properly for what it should be.
It can
t currently work with ATMs, POS terminals, etc. Where is the governments advocacy plan and strategy for the use, acceptance and understanding of this cards purpose, strategic
objectives and citizens
support among many others? Workers are being owed four (4) months salaries or so! Where will they get N2,000 to get the card? Some of my people working in Akure are asking me to send them money for this reason! Am I not indirectly going to pay for this Kaadi Igbe Ayo? And how many things Im I going to pay for? Who knows?
Political Conclusion: this is another scheme, strategy by Governor Olusegun Mimiko to rig the 2016 gubernatorial election in Ondo State. That is what he used the first launch data for in his first term as governor for his second term bid. So he is basically preparing data for a post-Mimiko
s regime for the PDP! We must be at alert and watch it!!

Where are the smartcard readers (card readers) (similar to the one used by INEC to read the PVC during election) in our communities that the Kaadi Igbe Ayo will work with? This is required! Where is the electronic e-government portal where the Residency Number (RN) for example can be used to sign on to a personalized page of the governmental portal? The RN should be usable on its own without the smartcard! If this is available, then it should have been
demonstrated to our people and undergo Citizens-Acceptance-Test (CAT), Users-Acceptance Test (UAT) and Proof of Concept (POC) processes and with feedback to correct any anomalies.
What is the spread (spatial distribution etc) of broadband services among our communities (villages, hamlets, towns, cities etc) in Ondo? Assuming there are smartcard readers
will it ride on GSM networks, CDMA networks. If GSM will the card reader use GPRS, Edge, 3G, etc Are these technologies available in our various communities? What is the governments broadband plan for the State in terms of universal service and universal access to telecommunications? Even for employment opportunities into the Teaching Service Commission that the government advertised sometimes last year or so, citizens have to leave their villages/towns to Akure to apply in cybercafés. What is the government doing to implement the National Broadband Plan to ensure Ondo State becomes a SMART State
Is the Kaadi Igbe Ayo database/infrastructure scaleable, interoperable with other national databases/systems i.e. National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) database/e-Health card scheme?
 Mrs. Jumoke Anifowose, lawyer, politician is the daughter of late Ondo State Governor Adekunle Ajasin

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