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MY TOWN: Alatan of Atan Oba Oyedele Adebiyi Ibiyemi


We, Atan People Migrated from Ota; We Came from Ijomo Ruling House


If you are a regular visitor to Idiroko, the border town in Ogun State, you are likely to be familiar with the town called Atan. Atan is one of the ever-busy towns along Owode-Idiroko road in Ado-Odo/ Ota Local Government Area of Ogun State. The Alatan of Atan, Oba Oyedele Solomon AdebiyiIsiyemi, is the traditional ruler of the town. He had been the Baale of the community since 1970. But Oba Isiyemi is at present in his fifth year on the throne as a full fledged traditional ruler following his promotion to full kingship status in 2010 by former governor of the state, OtunbaGbenga Daniel. He was originally a teacher but had switched to trading by the time he was made the Baale of Atan. The traditional ruler who, according to him, is nearing his centenary years, is still very strong and looks healthy. He spoke with the strength and clarity of a young man when WESTERN POST’s SUNDAY ROTILEFON encountered him last week in his palace in Atan…


ow many royal families do we have in Atan?

They are four namely Togun, Toguntase, Lawani and Abobade.


Which of them of the royal families do you belong?

I belong to Togunlase royal family


Can you tell us a bit about the origin of Atan town?

We migrated from Ota. We came from Ijomo Ruling House in Ota. I’m a prince from Ota before we migrated to Atan.


Can you tell us some of your experiences since 1970 when you became the Bale of Atan?

There have been many ups and downs, but to the glory of God we were able to weather the storm and there is development and peace in the town now.


What was the town like in 1970?

The town was not big. The major part of our land was just bush, but along the line due to the peace in the community, people began to build houses here and there we began to expand in landmark and in population.


How have you been maintaining peace among the different ethnic groups in the community?

There is no tribalism in Atan. There is co-operation among us. I installs heads among the various ethnic groups. For example there is the Head of Hausa Community, Head of Togo, Head of Anago, etc.


What was your occupation before 1970 that you were made the Baale?

I was a teacher. Later I became a trader; I was a trader before been made the Baale.


How old are you now?

I will soon be 100 years.


What are the traditional heritage that you have in the community?

Igunu, Ogun, etc; we have many of them because we believe in those festivals.


Which one is the most important?

It is the Ogun Festival. We cannot do without appeasing Ogun. We appease Ogun and use that to pray for the development of our community.


What are the benefits Atan Community derive from these festivals?

It is giving us a lot of goodies. They are bringing in people and development to the community.


What is the relationship between Atan and other communities around you like?

It is very cordial. All the Baales around Atan are from me.


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