Home News N-power: Kwara ‎Economy to Get N750M Monthly – Gov Aide

N-power: Kwara ‎Economy to Get N750M Monthly – Gov Aide

…as 30,000 Kwara youths register in nine days
By: Mosunmola Ayobami, Kwara
The  Senior Special Assistant to Kwara State Governor on Youths Empowerment, Sakariyahu Babatunde as disclosed that if thirty thousand youths in Kwara could benefits from the N-power Federal Government employment Scheme a total Sum of Seven hundred and Fifty thousand Million Naira would come into the state’s economy.
He said close to thirty thousand youths in the state of Harmony have registered for the scheme in ‎nine days of the phase two registration commencement.
The ‎governor Aide made this disclosure while speaking with Westernpost Kwara State correspondent in Ilorin on Thursday.
‎”As at today we have close to thirty thousands applicants from Kwara between last Wednesday and today(Thursday).
“We have a vision and direction and we have how we have plotted it because of benefits derivable from the programe we are targeting as a state additional twenty five thousand beneficiaries,the way N-power works is that a fractional forty percent are selected in each state so we are targeting sixty thousands applicants so if we are giving forty percent it means we have close to twenty five thousands beneficiaries from Kwara.
“If we have twenty five thousand beneficiaries it means we will be having additional seven hundred and fifty million naira in our economy every month,look at the importance on Markets,youths benefiting,in terms of security,youth restiveness,” He said.
According to him,this is why the governor has decided that we should go out sensitize the people and guide them in registering,equally ensuring they do it the right way so that they will be considered when the selection process starts.
He added that a new sector which is the N-tax aimed at gearing up our national tax administration a case study of Kwara internal revenue Service has been introduced,which he said would go along way in generating more revenue for the federal government.
He noted that the same amount of money will be paid to all beneficiaries as it is a two year programme, which started December 2016 and will end December 2018.
“I strongly want to believe our youths are properly aware now,we have done a series of awareness which we will continue in other senatorial district of the state as time goes on.
“In view of the benefits derivable from the scheme namely,stipend,skills training,opportunity the state has in terms of youthful exhubrances reduction,more cash inflow in the state, I urge the youths to pick special interest in this,its an opportunity to launch themselves to another life,then they have opportunity of gaining federal appointment,haven listen to Vice President last week while speaking on the scheme.
“Let ‎ me say N-power is programme christened towards our KWABES we use to have in Kwara state so it is not strange to us we should just take maximum advantage it has for us,as N-power has taken care of KWABES with its  introduction,KWABES was suspended due to dwindling income from federal account and as such government needs to re-priortize so introduction of N-power is beautiful window for us to re double the opportunity,that is why I set the target of twenty five thousand beneficiaries in the state,” He added.

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