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N500,000 Cash, Millions of Naira Goods Destroyed As Fire Razes Shop in Lagos


Goods worth millions of Naira was last week destroyed when a provision shop at 42 Julius Elebiju Streek, Ketu went up in flames, a rescuer confirmed.

The affected shop is owned by one Mummy Okiki alias woman involved, a source said, she was describes as a nurse so she combines drugs with the provisions she sells.

On how the fire started, another source who plead anonymity said one of the children of the shop owner was trying to lit a stove in the shop when fire caught up with the fuel inside the shop.

The fire was said to have started around past which razed the shop and the good inside completely.

“The fire started at around 3pm, we started hearing fire! fire!!, we had to go there to put off the fire but more we tried, the more the fire gets wilder.

“About forty of us (men) made attempt, but while trying to put the fire off, we discovered a 50 litres gallon laden with fuel. The eyewitness said.

He said they were inundated by the discovery of the fuel, stressing that they discovered that the woman also sell fuel in the shop.

“it was a major setback to have discovers such amount of fuel behind a shop almost ravaged by fire but few minutes after our discovery, there was an explosion from the fuel and everybody had to run.

“Later, the Lagos State fire service came with the police, that was when they put off the inferno. He said.

The eyewitness also said, the Mummy Okiki sometimes keeps cooperative’s money in the shop, and it is most unfortunate that the morning the incident happened, the woman was given N500,000 cash from corporative money but that is gone with the fire now.

However, our investigation shows that there was no casualty as the woman children escaped from the shop before the fire escalated.


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