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NAILS: What They Say About An Individual



Photo Credit: mukorom.hu
Photo Credit: mukorom.hu

Do you know that your finger nails are one of the first impressions you give off? Yes, they are.Though  they may seem tiny and completely off your radar at times but they talk for you and your personality too. Let’s find out what your nails really say about you below:

  • Short and Sweet: Short nails are well taken care off because they require less maintenance, after all, what is the use of long nails if you’re just going to break them dancing your heart out at the weekend’s hottest party? Short nails are very easy to maintain as it requires lower risk of contacting germs and dirt,so its best you keep your nails real short if you really do not want to contact germs!
Photo Credit: Mukorom.hu
  • Long and Pointy: You keep your nails long to make a statement, you definitely have a look and you know what you’re about. People know that they shouldn’t mess with you, it takes a lot of guts to keep your nails long and in control, so ladies, if you got them, please flash them every once in a while OK!.
Photo Credit: mukorom.hu
  • Bright and Tidy: Standing out of the crowd is kudos and if you’re trying to stand out, congratulations! People will notice that you take care of yourself and you like to be pampered and if you change your bright colors a lot, you probably have a reputation among the ladies who can’t make up their mind and it also shows that neat girl in you. Remember this that the bright sides, people always turn to you for latest trends.

    Photo Credit: mukorom.hu
    Photo Credit: mukorom.hu
  • Unpolished: Don’t be afraid to put some colors on your finger tips once in a while. Though nails aren’t really your go-to-fit-finisher but its necessary to always make your nails look presentable and worth while. Nevertheless, you have your own way of standing out from the crowd. So shake them off!
Photo Credit: mukorom.hu
  • Dark and Storm: Do you know that dark nails always draw the best attentions ever? People think you are deeply interesting and complex. So ladies don’t be surprised when people strike up conversations with you while you are waiting for a friend at the bar. Darker colors on fingernails make you look a little bit sexy even under writer layers and also gives that look* winks*.
Photo Credit: mukorom.hu
  •  An unruly Bitten Hot Mess: Please ladies, don’t you ever bite your nails, believe it or not people can notice the state of your nails because hands are one of the first impressions you make on people. I think you should start carrying some cuticle cream or nail clippers in your purse to take care of this. We know you’re busy (who isn’t?)? I think I should get kudos for these so ladies when next you visit a salon, maybe you opt for nail art that’s a little off-the-beaten-path, and it might get you the attention you have really been wanting.






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