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NCDC Declared Me COVID-19 Positive But I Didn’t See My Test Result, Says Dokpesi jnr


Chairman of DAAR Communications Plc, Raymond Dokpesi jnr has recovered from COVID-19 almost three weeks after he tested positive for the disease.

He was discharged hours after Raymond Dokpesi, his father and founder of DAAR Communications, and his two children were discharged from the University of Abuja isolation centre.

In a message in the early hours of Friday, he expressed gratitude to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and medical team at the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital where he was treated, for their efforts.

Sharing his experience, he said: “My sojourn at the Gwagwalada isolation centre was an eye-opening experience which imbued me with confidence in the unabated enthusiasm and commitment of Nigerian public health workers to serve and ensure the welfare of each of their patients.

“It was also an exposé into the practical limitations of the system in ensuring even with best intentions that public health objectives in the face of COVID-19 are achieved and sustained.

“With praise and glory to Almighty God, I started feeling immediate improvement in my wellbeing once the combination of azithromycin, chloroquine and zinc were administered to me by Wednesday, 29th April, 2020. My senses of smell and taste which were lost since the time I arrived at the facility were restored by Friday, 1st May, 2020. All my vital signs including temperature, blood pressure, pulse and oxygen saturation improved and have consistently shown excellent readings since. The oxygen machine which was brought to my room became redundant.”

But he expressed disappointment that he was not given any documentary evidence of his status, and that he had to take it in good faith that he was COVID-19 positive as pronounced by the NCDC.

“Whilst I can attest to my improvement in physical health and wellbeing, I regret to say that since my initial test to date, I have never seen any documentary evidence of any test result,” he stated.

“I take it in trust and good faith that the NCDC pronounced me COVID-19 positive and that they have now also pronounced me COVID-negative. I will appreciate it if the documentary records of the various tests on me and members of my family are made available for our medical records.

“Unless a spotlight is beamed on our testing facilities, capacity and documentation there is an immediate risk that patients will lose confidence in the statements of public healthcare providers, but more significantly, we will fail to move the needle forward in the battle against COVID-19 itself.”

He also expressed appreciation to members of his family, board management and staff of DAAR Communications Plc, and other well-meaning persons, “who prayed, fasted, held vigils and sent messages to me, my family and my known associates”.

“Your love, prayers and well wishes have humbled me and were a source of strength and inspiration to me at the very darkest moments of my life,” he added.


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